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Date: Sun, 30 Dec 2001 23:49:19 -0800
Subject: Re: [CB] Nickel allergy
From: Jim Katz

>> My mother has allergies to metals, including nickel & silver.  She had to
>> give up on most earrings, necklaces,
>> bracelets, watches (other than plastic), etc. years ago.  She gets horrible
>> swelling & rashes.
> Nickel allergy photographs, not for the squeamish:

As it notes in that  website, the only people with even moderate to high
levels of nickel sensitivity who are likely to have allergic dermatitis
attacks from money are those who handle massive quantities of it such as
cashiers.  My guess is that most wind players also have a very low
likelihood of problems, and these can be minimized by replating worn


Date: Mon, 31 Dec 2001 08:58:39 -0500
From: Lawrence de Martin
Subject: Re: [CB] Nickel

The US nickel coin had a high content with no complaints of which I was aware.  I fitted my bass guitar with a solid
nickel pick guard and I play high-nickel strings.  There is evidence of skin interaction, a mild corrosion that
developed over decades - but my skin was not irritated.

Stainless steel is a nickel-chromium alloy, and is sufficiently hypo-allergenic to be used for internal prosthetics
as well as flatware.  What is the total composition of the new coins?  Is there any evidence that this particular
alloy causes skin allergies?

Although I empathize with the portion of the population who are hyper-sensitive, I don't believe this is a mass
problem.  It may stop some individuals from working as cashiers.  Besides, all lucre is filthy, no?

Larry de Martin

John Kilpatrick  rote:

> I've just read an article about the Euro currency which claims that the coins just about to
> be issued throughout much of Europe are "dirty", being full of metals such as Nickel


Date: Mon, 31 Dec 2001 09:34:12 -0500
From: Edward Branham
Subject: Filthy Lucre, was Re: [CB] Nickel

>  all lucre is filthy, no?

Definitely not!  No 'things' have inherent goodness or evil in them.  Careful reading of important literature will
reveal that an often misquoted phrase reads something like " ... love of money is the root of all sorts of evil ..."
(emphasis is mine).   Why in the world am I feeling so didactic this AM???   The sun is over the yardarm somewhere in the British Empire, maybe I need an adult beverage to loosen up.

Happy New Year to all!!

I had the guy who installed my invisible fence
come back and install some invisible barbed wire,
but the neighborhood kids kept getting in my yard.
So now he's put in an invisible moat, but he told
me to be careful to make sure that the invisible
drawbridge is down before I drive into my garage.

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