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Date: Wed, 15 Aug 2001 16:31:48 -0700
From: Grant Green
Subject: Re: [CB] Firesale Part 1

>This was rejected as too large.  I will post in parts.  I am AWAY
>until 8/27, first comes are first served.

Hi Robert,

The list software limit  on the size of messages is mainly to screen
out images and virus attachments, but should be large enough to admit
legitimate text.  If you set your email application to send "plain
text" or "ASCII text", and disable MIME and/or HTML text, you
shouldn't have any problems.  Outlook and Outlook Express are
particularly bad about this: their default configuration is to send
the message in text, and attach the entire message again formatted
for MIME or HTML, which more than doubles the size of the message.

I'm saddled with Outlook at my office, and haven't tried Outlook
Express due to the security holes, but I imagine the configuration
procedure is probably pretty similar.  Go to the "address book",
double click on the address for the contrabass list, and click the
button for "send options."  When that dialog pops up, check the box
labeled "I want to specify the format for messages to this
recipient", and select the radio button labeled "Plain
Text/UUEncode":  this turns off the "feature" that appends HTML
and/or MIME coding to messages sent to the list.  Unfortunately, you
have to go through the whole process for each recipient you want to
unburden (at least each mailing list).  At least, that's how MS
Outlook 98 for Mac seems to work...



Grant Green        
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