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Date: Wed, 15 Aug 2001 01:22:21 +0000
From: Robert Howe
Subject: [CB] Firesale Part 1

Hello all.

This was rejected as too large.  I will post in parts.  I am AWAY until 8/27, first comes are first served.


Difficult personal circumstances force me to sell horns from my collection. I will sell any of these, regretfully.

These are serious instruments, the prices are in line with curent sales. There is no junk here.  Serious enquiries only.  I will send photos to seriously interested parties, but will not just send photos of everything. I leave for vacation tomorrow and will collect responses, then send photos etc on my return August 28.  I guarantee condition and suitability of all instruments.

What does not sell to my friends on these lists goes on Ebay for the feeding frenzy of greed.  please don't make me do that.  You can help me pay my 1997 taxes and add to your collection at the same time.


Robert Howe

Date: Wed, 15 Aug 2001 00:56:59 +0000
From: Robert Howe
Subject: [CB] Firesale 2

Part two of my "We're-adopting-from-Korea-and-need-money-yesterday-for-this-and-also-for- the-penalty-on-our-1997-taxes-all-in-the-same-week-and-I-don't-like-to-borro -money" Firesale.

All clarinets are simple system (Albert) unless marked otherwise.  Numbers are (keys) + (rings)

Lotsa Bb  clarinets:

2 A clarinets:

2 Bb bass clarinets

8  Bb soprano saxophones:

Mid and late 19century French alto saxos:

A baritone sax

Two tarogatos


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