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Date: Mon, 20 Nov 2000 23:42:47 -0500
From: "Samuel O. Andreyev, O.P.S."
Subject: [CB] Tenor Oboe

Now that we're on the topic of Heckelphones, imagine my utter horror
when I learned that four months ago, a Heckelphone had changed hands in
my very own city of Toronto (I believed that there wasn't a single one
in Canada) for (Canadian) $2,000! That's US $1,300! My oboe teacher told
me about it when I mentioned my interest in the instrument to him. Turns
out an 82-year-old instrument collector recently sold off his entire
collection, piece by piece, at ludicrously low prices. I guess he
couldn't be bothered to check on what the things are selling for. Had I
only known about this in time I could have bought it ... It ruined my
day when I heard this!

Sam Andreyev

The Expert Press - a Toronto small press publisher
53 Morningside Avenue Toronto M6S 1C6

Date: Tue, 21 Nov 2000 00:22:11 -0800
From: bitwise
Subject: Re: [CB] Tenor Oboe

> An 82-year-old instrument collector recently sold off his entire
collection... at ludicrously low prices.

Why does one always hear about these things after the fact?
I say people who are about to do things like that should have to
register with some sort of clearinghouse. The CB list comes to
mind... Ah well, perhaps the instrument in question went to
someone who will play it, rather than it languishing in another
collection. <ha>

Craig Durham

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