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Date: Thu, 04 May 2000 17:42:46 -0700
From: Tom Welsh <tom @>
Subject: [CB] contrabass balalaika

Jay Easton <whistler @> wrote:
>I saw a REALLY big balalaika (about 4 feet across the bottom) in the =
>Lark In the Morning shop in San Francisco about a month ago-

Thanks Jay, you're right - I just spoke with Judy at Lark in the Morning
and it's available for $795.  But she absolutely positively won't rent it,
which is too bad.  The reason I ask in the first place: I'd like to get the
trio Triduga out here for some SF dates:

  "Triduga, a trio of accordionist Yuri
  Lemeshev, guitarist Brad Shepik and contrabass
  balalaika player Tony Scherr, celebrates release of a
  self-titled debut recording on Loveslave Records..."

Wouldn't that be something.  Disclaimer: I have nothing to do with
Loveslave Records, I just wanna hear this trio... if anyone on the west
coast finds a contrabass balalaika in their grandmother's attic and wants
to loan/rent it to Tony, we Bay Area folks might be lucky enough to hear
this music...


New Albion Records


From: "Bill Cummings" <billcumm @>
Date: Thu, 4 May 2000 21:06:31 -0400
Subject: [CB] new virus running rampant

1. Virus makes 'em lovesick

The "I Love You" email virus, which experts warn could be more disruptive than the
notorious Melissa virus, has hit computers in Asia and Europe and is quickly spreading
across the United States via email. Once opened, the email virus overwrites existing
local script and HTML files, as well as picture and music files, with its own code.



From: Heliconman @
Date: Fri, 5 May 2000 01:11:13 EDT
Subject: [CB] new VIRUSES running rampant

This is the 5th mention of this virus in as many hours. Not to make light of
it, but it seems to do most of its damage by tying up the internet with mass
hysteria. Standard rule applies: Don't open anything that you don't know
about! My brother always sends me funny pictures and programs but never puts
anything in the message. I always ask him what it is before I open it. I
recently openned a file called MINE.ZIP which openned to MINE.EXE. It
infected my computer, cloned itself into 4 differently named files, hid
itself by tweaking the WIN.INI and emailed itself to 3 friends on my AOL
Buddy List who happenned to be online at the same time. Fortunately, none of
them openned the file before I phoned them. It took a few visits to, some head scratching, deleting several files, discovering another
file which was a list of my Buddies that were emailed (which McAfee did not
mention!) and tweaking my WIN.INI file, all after first coaxing my computer
to start up in "Safe Mode" with the help of McAfee.
 By the way, beware also of the new UPUP.EXE virus, as well. Also another
hard drive crippler.

Just don't open the mysterious files!
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