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Date: Tue, 21 Sep 1999 20:04:13 EDT
Subject: Just your bass-ic rock star
Reply-To: ran a large display ad (1/3 page below the fold) in the "A" (front
page) section of the Sunday, Sept. 19 issue of the Washington Post.  The ad
promotes the company with the idea of getting free stuff and expressing
individualism.  ("Free email with a voice.  Yours.  Be heard.")  Interesting
how the company decided to symbolize this concept: a photo of a tall guy with
a conservative haircut.  He's wearing a suit and tie and holding a string
bass -- but he's leaping in the air exuberantly, with his legs spread (floor
not visible), and he's holding the bass in "gunning" position, roughly the
way a rocker holds an electric guitar.  Despite his head lowered over the
fingerboard, it's obvious he's grinning.  It's a parody of a famous photo
sold as a poster in the Sixties, of a big-name rocker.  Naturally I can't
remember which rocker -- Pete Townshend of The Who?  Anyway, it's a clever
ad, a Geek with Attitude ad.  Guess that's better than just Geek.  ;-)


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