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Date: Mon, 20 Sep 1999 15:59:21 -0700
From: Grant Green <>
Subject: Re: [Sarrusophone] Heckelphone Trio

>Dear Grant (et al) I believe Hindemith himself suggested that an
>alternate instrument for the Trio (if not the Heckelphone ..which I have
>performed in that work on two occasions) could be a TENOR saxophone.
>Hmm? I imagine the C melody would sound great, but I like to follow the
>stiptulations of the creative artist whenever possible, just as
>mentioned. Do you have another read on this? Thanks very much,
>Sincerely, Gerald Corey, Ottawa, Canada

I don't really have more information on it.  The question arose on
the sarrusophone list (, because nobody knew
if the part came transposed, or if there was a Bb version for it.
Somebody speculated that it could be played on the C melody, reading
straight from the heckelphone part, as long as it didn't descend to
low A (it doesn't).  However, it turns out that the work is published
with both C (heckelphone) and Bb (tenor sax) parts.  Frankly, I'm
considering trying it out on the Bb tenor sarrusophone - halfway
between heckelphone and sax, no?  :-)


Grant Green  

Date: Tue, 21 Sep 1999 00:14:21 -0400
From: Gerald Corey <>
Subject: Re: [Sarrusophone] Heckelphone Trio

Hi Grant, I am sure that Paul Hindemith if he were still around would be
fascinated by your performance of his Trio Heckelphone part w. a
Sarrusaphone of any variety! Good on you. Cheers, Gerald


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