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Date: Mon, 05 Apr 1999 23:03:08 -0500
From: Bonnie/Oscar <>
Subject: Hello

I am a violinist who wanted to play in the band.  I have been playing tuba ever since.  Well --  They make me play viola now. I have not had a tuba gig for a while.

I may be the only person you know who has done Lt. Kije on Violin 1, Violin 2, Viola and Tuba.

I did the marriage fanfare down an octave because the horn I was using had a great open Eb  (48 Hz) and the pedal Bb (30 Hz) felt good too!

I once attempted the sub-pedal D (17 Hz) on a concert, but I do not think it got past the trombone section.  F (20 Hz) below the piano (and the contra bassoon) is  practical end for the BBb tuba.

I've also learned some neat tricks for placing the tuning dents in tubas. My Mahillion (Sears) F tuba is almost in tune with itself!

Oscar Wehmanen

Date: Tue, 6 Apr 1999 03:55:23 EDT
Subject: Re: [Contra digest]

I am not all that familiar with playing the bassoon, or contrabassoon for
that matter, but I do know that when you have an instrument in those lower
extremeties, that they do tend to sound more reedy.  The sarrusophone has
that same reedy tone quality as far as the larger ones are concerned...such
as the EEb and BBb contrabass sarrusophones.  Actaully even though I do not
play the contrabassoon i do love the way it sounds and I would like to learn
how to play it.

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