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Date: Tue, 06 Apr 1999 21:11:14 -0500
From: arehow <>
Subject: Parisian address question

Can any of my Parisian partners in crime--Drake, Phillipe, Margaret,
Kristi, or any one else--tell me, does the main entrance to the Hotel
Hospital Dieu on Ile de la Cite open on the North side of the Hospital
(onto Quai de la Course) or the South (Place Parvis)?  This is relevant
to where I take a room in an upcoming trip...and of course, all oboe and
clarinet players owe an obesiant journey to the city that gave us the
Klose and Conservatory Systemes...

Many thanks, merci beaucoups,

Robert Howe

Date: Wed, 7 Apr 1999 12:37:37 EDT
Subject: Re: Facts

In a message dated 4/6/99 12:51:08 AM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

<< ======================================================Sarah
 Thank you, you are the first person who wants to know more. What I mean is
everyone else sending messages just doesn't want to know the facts about my
 Replies to your questions,
 <<you would tell us some of the things you did to become a super
 great player?>>
 Well, Sarah I started playing sax around 5th grade. I was in a little
elementary school band. About half way through the year I decided to take
private lessons. I took them for about 7 years going through only 2 teachers.
When I got to high school I joined the band there. I was in it for all four
years. I decided to keep on playing after all it would have been a pretty big
waste if I quite after 7 years of lessons and band fees. So I kept it up
getting more and more advanced, joining city after city band until I reached
 <<What kind of music do you play most?>>
 Well, thats a tough one because I really like playing swing but Classical
charts are very fun too.
 <<What kinds of
 bands to you play in?>>
 Well, the first major band I played in I guess would have to be my
highschool band "The Don Bosco Royal Techmen Band." We weren't all that good,
pretty mediocre. My sophomore year I joined the Claremont City marching band.
After my senior year I was chosen to be in the PCC band of Pasadena. If you
don't what band that is its one that always marches in the "Rose Parade." I
also have been in several Jazz bands not big enough to really have been known.
 <<What kind of sax do you have?>>
 Ohh I'm so glad you asked that question. Its a beauty. It is a Professional
Selmer Paris Model 55AF. Complete with engraved bell, low A and High F# keys,
Water resistant pads, Bari Brand Gold plated metal mouth piece, Brillhart
hard rubber mouth piece with large bore and low baffle. (more than you wanted
 <<What is the
 secret of playing really fast on a big instrument?>>
 Well, there's really no secret to playing fast on large instruments. I know
this if you are playing a many keyed instrment like a sax or clarinet, you
must keep your fingers as close to the keys as possible without playing wrong
notes. This will ensure faster action of notes. If you have trouble doing
this, try puting little pieces of tape on the keys so that the tape sticks to
your fingers and the keys. This will physically show you on which fingerings
you are making flying fingers. It will also help you keep the figers on the
 Ask anytime for advise or info on sax playing, I do know a little about most
woodwinds too.
 Matt(Bari sax player) >>


Date: Wed, 7 Apr 1999 10:59:32 -0700
From: Grant Green <>
Subject: Bass Sax FS...

Gee, haven't seen a bass sax on eBay for, what is it, a couple of weeks now?  Here's todays -, an old
York, no reserve, current bid $1575.

For old brass collectors (or collectors of old brass, whichever applies),
there's an over-the-shoulder instrument (cornet? alto?) at, current
bid $1668 (and the reserve already satisfied).



Grant Green  

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