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list                           Sun, 19 Jul 1998           Volume 1 : Number 35

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Date: Sat, 18 Jul 1998 23:28:25 -0400
From: (Jim Katz)
Subject: Re: 3-d photo & contrabass

I have been facinated with the idea of sterio photography for a long time.
Where are the resources? Are there any Internet groups devoted to it? How
does one get started?
Bass lovers crave perspective!?!?


I think you may be the fourth one, now.  Yes there are lost of resources,
and I'm sure some discussion groups. Just try some keyword searches like
<3-D> or <stereo photo> <stereo pair> <Nishika> <Realist><Viewmaster> or
even <Holography>. Eventually you will stumble upon the rest of the gang.
Not how about somebody posting some 3-D images of contrabass instruments
from dramatic angles on the web!


Date: Sun, 19 Jul 1998 13:02:59 -0700
Subject: Summit Brass

Subject: Re: What Key?

Michael Grogg
Tubist, Summit Orchestra & Summit Brass Quintet.

I read your posting about "What Key?", and noticed you are in the Summit
Brass.   Didn't you just play with Trombonist Larry Zalkind?  Isn't he an
incredible player?  I wish the list could hear him play (especially "Blue
Bells").  Are you guys going to be playing in LA sometime soon?

David Neubauer

PS, Apparently my post about the Contrabassoon/Viola duets I recently
performed with my brother at the OK Mozart festival never made it to the
list.  Will try to redo it and repost.  If I accidently sent to someone
instead of the list, please either send it back if you still have it, or
please post it.

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