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list                           Mon, 20 Jul 1998           Volume 1 : Number 36

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Date: Mon, 20 Jul 1998 10:42:13 -0400
From: (Jim Katz)
To: <>
Subject: Re: list V1 #34

>And now for something completely different....
>My grandfather played dudy (Czech bagpipes, powered by air pumped in with
>a bellows squeezed between the player's left elbow and rib cage).  His dudy's
>origin as a dead goat

I have mused before that there ought to be some contrabass bagpipes out
there, et least a trial set made by a tinkerer to see if it would work out.
The pipes like the dudy and the Ulleann that are bellows-blown might be
more likely for this as mass quantities of air would be more available if

Also - you didn't leave your snailmail address for us to send all our used
stereogram books....

Jim Katz


Date: Mon, 20 Jul 1998 09:15:02 +0100 (BST)
From: A Myers <>
Subject: New pictures on Web

I have recently added several pictures of instruments in the Edinburgh
University Collection of Historic Musical Instruments to the "Electronic
Picture Gallery" pages of the website:

The larger instruments added recently include:

(1003)  Bassoon, 5-key (anonymous, probably England, c 1790)
(3758)  Bass Cornophone in C (Besson, Paris, c 1895)
(3239)  Quinticlave in Eb; 9 keys (Gautrot, Paris, 1844 or soon after)
(3421)  Contrabass saxhorn in Eb, OTS model (Klemm, Philadelphia, c 1860)
(3723)  Tuba in Bb, 3 valves (Conn, Elkhart, Ind., c 1920)
(2532)  Contrabass valve trombone in 18ft Bb (Stowasser, Graslitz, mid 20th century)

I hope to add a picture of the following soon:

(3682)  Bass saxophone in Bb, 18-key (M. Evette, Paris, probably soon after 1929)

Arnold Myers


Date: Mon, 20 Jul 1998 07:48:21 EDT
From: <>
Subject: Re: list V1 #33

<< From: (Jim Katz)
 To: <>
 Subject: 3-D & Contrabass connection?
 Hmm. I notice by a recent message yet a third person on the Contrabass list
 who also dabbles in stereo photography. What's the connection? Maybe all
 those low-frequency vibrations make us see double? >>

Yeah! Me too!
I guess we are people who really enjoy our various senses. Things like
Sensurround, Scratch-N-Sniff and Deep Vision are very exciting, no?!
There is a mailing list called Photo3d. I've forgotten the details. Once I get
my new computer sorted out, I'm sure I'll be able to find the email address.
For starters try a web search tool like Yahoo and use
keywords like 3D, stereophotography, anaglyph, Nimslo, stereopticon, etc.
Do it Deeper!


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