Contrabass Classifieds

These listings are provided and posted free for the benefit of the contrabass community.  Listings for bass, contrabass, and rare instruments, accessories, reeds, mouthpieces, etc., are acceptable as long as they're relevant. You can include pictures and sound clips by means of a URL: if you put the files somewhere on the web (and there are a number of places you can do this for free), I'll link it to your listing (to avoid over-filling my web space).  I reserve the right to reject anything I find objectionable.

Please let me know when the instrument is no longer for sale (or you're no longer looking).  I will remove ads posted for too long a period (probably 12 months), unless you contact me to renew.

Individuals and music stores are welcome, again as long as the posts are relevant (I don't think many of us need another Bb soprano clarinet...).

To post or cancel a classified ad, just send it to me, and put CB-CLASS in the subject line.  Please include contact information (at least an email address where you can be contacted).  If you're shopping, please contact the person listed for additional information about their instrument.  You can assume that all prices listed are in US dollars, unless otherwise specified.





Note: is not responsible for the content of any ads posted, and is not responsible for the condition or quality (or even existence) of any item listed.  Caveat emptor!   If you are not familiar with the person you wish to do business with, I suggest using a service such as i-Escrow (which, incidentally, also permits the buyer to pay by credit card).

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