Day 3

Date: Thu,  8 Jan 1998 02:18:01, -0500 
Subject: Contra-fest, Third day 

Very tired.  Very late. 

Today was the killer day.  Non-stop from 0800-2200. 

I can imagine the adrenaline of the contra-players.  It seems they never want to stop.  It occured to me as they were playing the septet tonight at the Lions Club meeting, that these folks probably play more contra during this festival than they do at all gigs during their entire year. 

I can not believe it, the end of the third day and they are still like sponges. 

Tomorrow is the big day.  A masterclass in the morning with Monica Fucci.  Closing disucssions.  Then the Grand Finale Concert.  The program for this concert has expanded somewhat since three days ago.  Imagine all these contras playing in the largest hotel in the world.  A casino with over 7,000 hotel rooms.  A theater stage that has seen many famous people like Frank Sinatra, etc. 

The audience will certainly be pumped up tomorrow.  The theater which seats 300 will be full (standing room only).  The contra-players will serve their duty of exposing the public to the beauty of the contrabassoon.  We truly have the contra virtuoso soloists of the world amongst us.  All in one room.  All playing one song.  I am ready to explode with the wonderment. 

OK, back to earth..........  Dr. William Dawson gave his contra-medicine speech today.  A continuation of last year.  This year he was very specific about posture and surgery procedures such as carpal tunnel, etc.  He demonstrated with exact preciseness.  Exercises were described for both stretching and power building.  All were very attentive and lots of questions.  The video will be very much worth the $25 for those that did not get to attend the festival. 

I remember last year there was one attendee who thought the festival was not worth the $150 regisatration fee.  I am convinced that each attendee this year would pre-pay $300 if asked to for next years festival.  But alas, I think all agree (both Lions Club members and contra-players) that a day before or a day after the IDRS thing will be better for all. Tempe will be to close to this festival and there is already much contra-stuff planned in Tempe.  I will however, ask Marc Fink if he wants some contra-help in Madison, Wisconsin the following year. 

Time for bed.  Gotta get up early tomorrow to finalize the Grand Finale Concert Program before the sun comes up. 

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