Date: Fri,  9 Jan 1998 09:57:41, -0500 
Subject: Contra-fest, It's over! 

Everyone bonded.  Everyone didn't want it to end.  Saying goodbye was very moving for me.  The Grand Finale Concert happened, all on video. The masterclass went well.  The discussions ..... everything. 


  • There will not be another in Las Vegas
  • There will be another
  • There will never be another contra-competition
 I was asked to try to coordinate with upcoming IDRS hosts to ensure add-on contra days. 


The leadership of IDRS would not appreciate a subgroup attaching to its main thrust if it meant collecting extra money from that sub-group. 
Trinko will try to solicit groups and companies to host contra-receptions. 

Monica Fucci will provide new contra-music every year through her Argentina Contra-composers competition. 

The group prefers more informal jam session together (about 2 days worth).  It is recognized that the IDRS function already holds enough "formal" contra-presentations.  There wants to be programmed more contra -quintet, quartet, trio, duet practice time. 

Contra exposure to the public should focus on high school students in their schools rather than trying to attract "old dogs" to a concert. For us to groom upcoming bassoonists into contra-lovers, that is 

Trinko will encourage Wisconsin Lions Club to support and sponsor things alongside Marc Fink in Madison in 1999 to make it a "Lions" project.  This will allow attendees to approach their local Lions Club to ask for a plane ticket or registration fee or whatever.