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13 February 1997

Author: KUUP84A@prodigy.com (MR MARK A TRINKO)
Date: 2/13/97 8:09 AM
Subject: Contrabass-L No. 84

Jim Katz,

I tried to reply to your direct email, but it would not go through.

Yes we are interested in anyone who wants to compose a basement band piece. Is your composer friend willing to come to Nevada Jn 5-8, 1998 to conduct his composition?

Author: John Gauger <jgauger@sojourn.com>
Date: 2/13/97 8:10 AM
Subject: RE: Contrabass-L No. 84

On Wednesday, February 12, 1997 6:05 PM, Grant Green [SMTP:gdgreen@contrabass.com] wrote:


[from your post...]

> I finally decided that the problems I've been having with the contrabass
> clarinet (like playing C#-F above the break) must indicate leaks in the
> horn. This morning I took it into the shop, where they confirmed that it
> indeed had a few leaks: now the trick will be getting it back in time for
> the next rehearsal.

This may be a well-known information, but...

As I remember from my days of contrabass clarinet playing (a loooong time ago), the instrument (a LeBlanc 'paperclip' extended to low C) required constant adjustment. Even assuming that all the pads are nominally seating correctly, it seemed that during playing and depending on the current environment (cold/warm), etc. that with all the interconnections and whatnot, it would leak in different places at different times. I needed to carry a jewelers screwdriver (standard equipment I suppose) and also paper to make wedges for places where there was no adjustment. The technique was to finger the problem note or have a buddy finger the problem note, then tap on the keys over the holes to find who was making the "I'm not quite all the way seated" thump. Particular problem notes as I remember were the fork fingerings and also the lower notes in either register, probobly just because there were more holes involved - more to go wrong.

Hope this is helpful. If you or anybody wants to get rid of one of these cranky beasts, please let me know and I'll take it off your hands. Useless in my present musical life, but for the nostalgia value, it would be tremendous fun to have.

John Gauger

Well, if I ever decide to "upgrade" to a new contra, I'll let the list know



Author: KUUP84A@prodigy.com (MR MARK A TRINKO)
Date: 2/13/97 8:08 AM
Subject: Contrabass-L No. 84


Jim Katz probably also needs the ranges for the subcontrabass clarinet and subcontrabass flute. Definitely there will be a contra-trombone too.

Mark, I didn't include the subcontra clarinet ranges because I didn't think there was any chance that one would be available.

In the event a miracle happens ;-) ...


Author: Jack Silver <jsilver@cpcug.org>
Date: 2/13/97 8:06 AM
Subject: Re: Contrabass-L No. 84

Could the "Cribert-Brevete" tenor sax possibly be "Triebert-Brevete". According to the Waterhouse/Langwill Index the Triebert firm was around until 1920 and could have made instruments other than the various oboes they were known for. Jack Silver

Could be. Triebert I've heard of. Anyone else care to shed some light on this?

BTW, I finally scanned in your (Jack's) Polaroid photos of the baroque oboe family he has (F alto, C tenor, F bass). I didn't think to bring your letter describing each photograph, and my scanner is not very high resolution, but I think one can see what's in each image. One image has all three instruments, while the other two have the tenor (whole) and bass (in two pieces). I'll link the images (Jack1.jpg, jack2.jpg and jack3.jpb) to the archive version of this digest.

baroque oboe consort baroque oboe consort baroque oboe consort


Author: school@epix.net
Date: 2/13/97 8:05 AM
Subject: Re: Digest

To the chap who talked about the bass sax rock band,

Although most of the discussion on the digest seems to be restricted basically to symphonic band music and avant-garde jazz, there are instances of our beasts making appearances in more mainstream pop music. They Might Be Giants use bass clarinet and baritone, possibly bass, sax, and the bass clarinet made some appearances in music by Frank Zappa (I think) and Captain Beefheart (who I have personally never listened to). There are countless tuba examples, too, of course. True, these instruments may seem mild compared to some of the seismic babies that are discussed here, but at least it adds variety to the same guitar-bass-drums crap.

-Chris Chappell

I always like the old Tower of Power albums, when Lenny Pickett was the lead tenor player. LP was always pushing the envelope, hauling out "radical" instruments like contrabass clarinet or Lyricon. "We Came To Play" stands out in my mind as one of the albums on which he's credited with a raft of instruments. These days, however, you're lucky if you hear an occassional bari sax on the radio.


BTW, I now have a sarrusophone stand!

While reading the IDRS list, I saw mention of Fox's portable contrabassoon stand, and it sounded like just the thing I needed. After discussing it with Chip, we decided that it would probably work.

Well, it arrived yesterday, and works just fine. I managed to click a few Polaroid photos this morning, and uploaded them: one image of the stand alone, and one of the Eb contra on the stand (see the archive version of this digest for the images). The only drawback is that the stand has a deep cup to catch the contrabassoon end pin, and the pin is deeper than the knob on the bottom of my sarrusophone. However, I think a little padding on the bottom of the cup and around the rim should take care of the problem.

the Fox contrabassoon stand Eb contrabass sarrusophone on the Fox contra stand

Chip, perhaps Fox should offer a plastic/rubber insert that press-fits into the cup, to accomodate the hordes of sarrusophone players who will surely be contacting you now ;-)

Thanks again,


End Contrabass-L No. 85

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