Vol. 1, No. 58

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Vol. 1, No. 58

19 November 1996

Author: skiosk@iconz.co.nz (Jim Gardner)
Date: 11/18/96 6:12 PM
Subject: flute ensemble score

Hi folks

just came across this while browsing on the Australian Music Centre's web catalogue.

Farbach, Kent.
Beneath the forest canopy : for large flute ensemble / Kent Farbach. - 1989 1 facsimile score (26 p.) ; 42 cm.
2 piccolos, flautino in G, Eb flute, 4 concert flutes, 3 alto flutes in G, 2 bass flutes, pinschofon, contrabass flute in G, octobass flute.
5 min 30 sec.



Author: JimKatz@JohnAbbott.qc.ca (Jim Katz)
Date: 11/18/96 6:13 PM
Subject: Re: Contrabass-L No. 57

Hi. I'm very much enjoying the community here. One request: Are there some photos of these instruments (preferably in action, for scale) online? Often enough I'm talking about something someone has written about and would like to show a picture of the instrument. Also, sometimes I've never heard of one you mention, and would like to see it. Thanks




Jim Katz
292 Senneville Road, RR1
Senneville, Quebec
Canada, H9X 3L2

Author: Grant Green <gdgreen@crl.com> at SMTP
Date: 11/18/96 6:16 PM
TO: JimKatz@JohnAbbott.qc.ca (Jim Katz) at SMTP
Subject: Re: Contrabass-L No. 57

At 07:00 PM 11/18/96 -0400, you wrote:

>Hi. I'm very much enjoying the community here. One request: Are there some
>photos of these instruments (preferably in action, for scale) online?
>Often enough I'm talking about something someone has written about and
>would like to show a picture of the instrument. ALso, sometimes I've never
>heard of one you mention, and would like to see it. Thanks

There are images of most of the "standards" on my web site. See http://www.contrabass.com/pages/flutes.html for the great flutes, http://www.contrabass.com/pages/contra.html for contrabassoon, http://www.contrabass.com/pages/sarrus.html for the sarrusophones, http://www.contrabass.com/pages/cbcl.html for the contrabass (and lower) clarinets, http://www.contrabass.com/pages/heckel.html for the heckelphone, and http://www.contrabass.com/pages/anche.html for the reed contrabass. Did I leave anything out?

Unfortunately, most of the images are posed instruments, not in action. Perhaps after we move, I'll have my wife snap a few...


Author: "Paul S. Johnson" <john0058@gold.tc.umn.edu>
Date: 11/18/96 7:25 PM
Subject: Re: Contrabass-L No. 57

> From: "Sydney R. Polk" <jazzman@rahul.net>
> Date: Wed, 13 Nov 1996 14:43:28 -0800
> Subject: Introduction
>...in addition to the more mundane bari sax, tuba, string bass, etc.

Whoa cowboy! Them's fightin' words. It ain't just reed geeks readin' these here listins. Tie your mundane to a different hitchin' post.

Paul S. Johnson

P.S. If it pleases you, may I suggest the more neutral term "conventional" to express the same idea.

Author: Paul Lindemeyer <paulwl@gannett.infi.net>
Date: 11/18/96 10:54 PM
Subject: Another Contra-Sax Maker??? (For Contra-L No. 58)

Hey all,

I just heard from Scott Robinson, one of my favorite sax players, who is back from touring Germany, Italy, and Japan. (I said, "Give the Axis my best.")

Anyway, Scott told me, "I have great news! When I was in Italy, I bought a contrabass saxophone!"

"Hot ziggity!" I replied (wondering where a mere musician gets the money for such things). "Is it the Orsi?" I asked.

"Naw, it's called 'STOWASSER -- VERONA.'" Scott thought it was a German firm that moved to Budapest and eventually to Italy. "It's bigger than the Orsi. It's 6'8" tall, with an 18" bell. It's big, it's ugly, and I love it!!"

Now, while I had Scott on the phone, it didn't occur to me to ask whether the big horn was old or new, or that I had never heard of Stowasser. I was under the impression that only Orsi and Evette-Schaeffer had ever made a contrabass sax.

Does anybody know anything about the firm Stowasser of Verona? Are they still in business? Is it possible the horn was a stencilled Evette-Schaeffer (the dimensions make sense)?

Continuing on the contra-sax theme "Sydney R. Polk" <jazzman@rahul.net> wrote:

> - I believe the Nuclear Whales' contrabass sax is a Conn.

Nope -- it's an Evette and has quite a story behind it. It was found abandoned in a storeroom of a condemned office building in downtown Newark, N.J., sometime in the 1960s. How it got there no one knows. (I'm not sure I want to know.) This from an article in the Rico Reed house magazine sent me by the horn's owner, Don Stevens.

Conn never made a contrabass sax, although they used to have one hanging around the factory for publicity pictures and the like.


Paul Lindemeyer (paulwl@gannett.infi.net)

At your local bookseller from William Morrow & Co.

Whoa! Another contra builder? Please find out!

Re: the Nuclear Whales: I read a story regarding the contra acquisition to the effect that someone came up to Don after a concert and said he knew of a contra for sale. Don figured that since they billed themselves as a "saxophone orchestra", they should probably have a contra too. He had to fly to Tennesee, and carry it back on the plane (it had no case), paying full fare for its seat. Since then, he's had a case made for it by a boat builder.


Author: KUUP84A@prodigy.com (MR MARK A TRINKO)
Date: 11/19/96 6:48 AM
Subject: Philadelphia

-- [ From: Mark Trinko * EMC.Ver #2.5.1 ] --

I am going to Philly in early July 1997. If there is a low instrument museum there, I want to visit it. Please someone put more info on the list about this!

End Contrabass-L No. 58

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