Vol. 4, No. 91

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Contrabass-list Tue, 13 Jan 1998 Volume 1 : Number 91

In this issue:

Date: Mon, 12 Jan 1998 15:54:41 -0800
From: Grant Green <gdgreen@contrabass.com>
Subject: New pages!


Finally sat down this weekend and archived a few digests. Vol. 4, 1-20 are now online (starting about October '97), and more on the way. The current archive index is now http://www.contrabass.com/contra-archive/c-arch4.html . Vol. 3? There were only a few, and I'm still trying to dig them up. I'm sure I've got them around somewhere....

Also, a Finish tubist wrote with suggestions for the orchestration page, so I've added a tuba page at http://www.contrabass.com/pages/orch-tuba.html . Please feel free to take a look and send corrections, comments, brickbats, whatever. Some of this is his, some is just what I've gleaned from several months of reading TUBAEUPH (the tuba & euphonium list).



Date: Mon, 12 Jan 1998 17:30:17 -0800
From: Grant Green <gdgreen@contrabass.com>
Subject: Holiday snaps...


Just got our vacation pictures today, and had a second to go through them. Aside from the usual stuff (cathedrals, canals, Coliseum, etc.) I have the following:

I'll try to scan and post them over the next week or so. If anyone wants me to start with a particular shot, let me know.Grant

Date: Mon, 12 Jan 1998 21:18:30 EST
From: BariSaxJzz <BariSaxJzz@aol.com>
Subject: big tuba!


I just got a picture of the "Big Tubas", and I wanted to say, WOW. ITS HUGE! I suggest anyone living within 25 miles of a library get to one and order the 1985 addition of the GUINNES BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS. Its on page 153. Its really neat. Just a suggestion. GRANT: I can scan it if you like.


Date: Tue, 13 Jan 1998 13:34:01 -0800
From: Grant Green <gdgreen@contrabass.com>
Subject: Pictures!


I'm in the process of uploading a number of jpg images from the visit to Italy and ORSI. I haven't organized them into pages yet, but you're free to download what you want in the meantime. I'm uploading all to a new directory "italy" ( http://www.contrabass.com/italy ). If you paste that url into your browser, you should get a file list (alternatively, paste in ftp://www.contrabass.com/italy - this should work too).

In the absence of an index page, here are descriptions of the files:

*Name*              *Size*  *Description*
5ST-BASS JPG        25,238  An enormous 5 string bass, from a museum in Florence
ANCHE-B  JPG        21,075  The back of a new ORSI contrabass ad anche 
ANCHE-F  JPG        19,539  The front of a new ORSI contrabass ad anche 
ASSORT1  JPG        25,401  A view of the instruments along the ceiling at ORSI
ASSORT2  JPG        27,354  A continuation of ASSORT1.JPG
BB-A-AB  JPG        21,842  The ORSI Bb/A clarinet, and an Ab sopranino 
BS-SAX1  JPG        34,518  The ORSI bass sax prototype
BS-SAX2  JPG        35,048  The back of the prototype, showing the thumb Bb alternate
CB-SAX   JPG        58,204  The ORSI contrabass sax model (with a new oboe foreground)
CBSAX-BD JPG        38,778  An unfinished CB sax body 
CBSAX-BL JPG        17,779  An unfinished CB sax bell 
CIMBASSO JPG        51,986  An ORSI upright cimbasso
NINO-1   JPG        32,600  Closeup of an ORSI curved Eb sopranino sax 
NINOS    JPG        24,958  Unfinished sopraninos, straight and curved 
PANPIPE  JPG        24,466  ORSI's keyboard panpipe
TEN-SAR1 JPG        54,929  Tenor sarrusophone, held by Mr. Perin 
TEN-SAR2 JPG        72,252  Another view of the tenor sarrusophone 
WEIRD1   JPG        29,934  A closeup of the dulcimer bagpipe, from a painting in the Uffizi Gallery.



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