A trip to Italy



I took the family to Italy for the holidays (12/97-1/98), visiting Rome, Florence, Venice, and Milan.  I'm still tired.  But, I did manage to take a few pictures.... 

Here's a bizarre hybrid: bagpipe and dulcimer?  From a painting in the Ufizzi Gallery, Florence.

Name Size Description
5ST-BASS.JPG 25,238 An enormous 5 string bass, from a museum in Florence 
ANCHE-B.JPG 21,075 The back of a new ORSI contrabass ad anche 
ANCHE-F.JPG 19,539 The front of a new ORSI contrabass ad anche 
ASSORT1.JPG 25,401 A view of the instruments along the ceiling at ORSI 
ASSORT2.JPG 27,354 A continuation of ASSORT1.JPG 
BB-A-AB.JPG 21,842 The ORSI Bb/A clarinet, and an Ab sopranino
BS-SAX1.JPG 34,518 The ORSI bass sax prototype
BS-SAX2.JPG 35,048 The back of the prototype, showing the thumb low Bb 
CB-SAX.JPG 58,204 The ORSI contrabass sax model (with a new oboe)
CBSAX-BD.JPG 38,778 An unfinished CB sax body
CBSAX-BL.JPG 17,779 An unfinished CB sax bell
CIMBASSO.JPG 51,986 An ORSI upright cimbasso
NINO-1.JPG 32,600 Closeup of an ORSI curved Eb sopranino sax
NINOS.JPG 24,958 Unfinished sopraninos, straight and curved
PANPIPE.JPG 24,466 ORSI's keyboard panpipe
TEN-SAR1.JPG 54,929 Tenor sarrusophone, held by Mr. Perin
TEN-SAR2.JPG 72,252 Another view of the tenor sarrusophone


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