Vol. 1, No. 48

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Vol. 1, No. 48

17 October 1996

EDITOR'S NOTE: Let's all give a rumble for new subscriber Jim Katz < JimKatz@JohnAbbott.qc.ca > Jim, care to say a few words?

Author: JimKatz <JimKatz@JohnAbbott.qc.ca>
Date: 10/11/96 9:25 AM

Sounds like fun. Give me the lowdown, so to speak.

Author: Martina Sichelschmidt <100641.10@Compuserve.com>
Date: 10/13/96 9:23 AM
Subject: Informations about Octobasse

Dear Mr Firth and Mr Mons,

I have a special question: I need to know what kind of instrument the Octobasse is. Was this instrument played by one or two persons and in which museum is it now?

Looking forward to hearing form you I thank you for your help in advance.

Best regards
Martina Sichelschmidt
E-Mail: sichelschmidt@bates.de

Author: Grant Green <gdgreen@crl.com> at SMTP
Date: 10/13/96 9:23 AM
TO: sichelschmidt@bates.de
Subject: Re: Informations about Octobasse

At 12:28 PM 10/13/96 +0100, you wrote:

>Dear Mr Firth and Mr Mons,
>I have a special question: I need to know what kind of instrument the
>Octobasse is. Was this instrument played by one or two persons and in
>which museum is it now?
>Looking forward to hearing form you I thank you for your help in
>Best regards
>Martina Sichelschmidt
>E-Mail: sichelschmidt@bates.de
> 100641.10@Compuserve.com

If I may answer, the octobass is a clarinet, essentially twice the size of the standard contrabass clarinet. It is played by a single performer. I believe it is in the private collection of Leblanc.

Grant Green


Grant D. Green gdgreen@crl.com


Filling in on sarrusophone


From: Francis Firth <Francis.Firth@uce.ac.uk>
Subject: Leblanc/Recent Acquisitions
Date: Tue, 15 Oct 96 13:17:00 BST


I'll be posting the letter to Leblanc tomorrow with a copy to Leon Leblanc himself and I'll also send a copy to Leblanc, Kenosha. In addition I'm sending a copy to Terje Lerstad either in case he's interested or in case he might write something specially for unaccompanied octocontralto and/or octocontrabass clarinet.

Incidentally, I've now got facsimile copies of the scores which I mentioned to you. They came from the Norwegian Music Information Centre.

I though that you would be interested to hear of some new acquisitions

  1. 2nd hand LP (vgc) Roscoe Mitchell, Gerald Oshita and Thomas Buckner New Music for Woodwinds and Voice. The instruments are track 1 Eb Clarinet, Voice, Sarrusophone; Track 2 Baritone Sax, Bass Sax, Sarrusophone, Voice; Track 3 Bass Sax, Sarrusophone Voice; Track 4 Conn-o-Sax, Tenor Sax, Voice. This LP is also supposed to be available from Deep Listening, part of the Pauline Oliveros Foundation but I am still waiting to see whether they can supply it to me. The instruments are clear in all the pieces and it should be possible to distinguish the Sarrusophone (especially in track 1). 2 of the pieces are those which were rewritten for slightly larger groupings on the Lovely Music Cd you have and on the Black Saint? CD with Mithcell and Oshita you have mentioned on the list in the past.
  2. CD on FMP's own label of Wolfgang Fuchs. For most of the CD he's solo on 3 tracks it's solo contrabass clarinet, 4 tracks solo sopranino sax and 4 of solo bass clarinet (or is it 2, 3 and 3?). There is also one where he is also singing and there are 2 tracks of duets with Evan Parker and 2 of duets with a guitar player whose name I can't remember offhand but he doesn't play contrabass clarinet on any of these 4 tracks. I've also acquired a Norwegian CD of (mainly) alto sax music but which has one 9 minute track for unaccompanied bass sax, by a composer, I think, called Lindwall.

I'll have to check the details on all of the above.

That's all for now,

P.S. I haven't posted the CDs yet but promise to do so this week.

And now from the 'news:

>From: kirkj1@tir.com
>Newsgroups: rec.music.makers.marketplace
>Subject: Tuba & Bass Trombone for Sale
>Date: 13 Oct 1996 03:33:33 GMT
>I have a brand new Cervany 686MR BBb four rotary valve tuba for sale. It is
>less than 8 weeks old. It is a very nice horn but I have decided to go to a CC.
>The specs on it are 0.795 bore, 17 3/4 inch bell, 40 1/8 inch tall, nickel
>silver rim and mouthpipe. It is the newest Cervany BBb design and one of
>the nicest tuba available for less than $3000. Asking $2800 obo plus
>I also have a Bach Strad. dual rotor Bass Trombone for sale. It is in
>mint condition and recently back from the factory where the valve linkages
>were updated. I believe it is a Model 50b3L, Bb/F/Eb, 10 1/2 inch bell and
>traditional wrap. Have the original old style Bach case as well as a new
>Contoured Pro Pac. Asking $1700 obo plus shipping.
>May consider trades also if you have a CC. If you are interested in
>either instrument drop me a line.

End Contrabass-L No. 48

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