Vol. 4, No. 52

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Contrabass-list Wed, 3 Dec 1997 Volume 1 : Number 52

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Date: Tue, 2 Dec 1997 17:35:00 -0800
From: Al Norman <Al.Norman@ReadRite.com>
Subject: RE: therminin

Someone wanted to know where they could buy a Thermin, in the February 96 issue of 'Electronics Now', they describe and give details to build a solid state thermin,

It's rather complex ,about 170 components, they also sell a kit of parts for $90 +s&h. a case is extra @ $80 to order direct call Paia Electronics in OK at 405-340-6300.

If you need help in assembly, let me know

al norman

Date: Wed, 03 Dec 1997 11:51:57 -0500
From: Farfl's house <lederman@inforamp.net>
Subject: Re: contrabass-list V1 #2

Contrabass-L wrote:

> Date: Wed, 01 Oct 1997 12:02:20 -0700
> -- [ From: Mark Trinko * EMC.Ver #2.5.3 ] --

> I have added you to the Contra-fest mailing list (email). If you want a
> registration package send me your snail mail address.

> Basically it is a coming together of all the contra players in the world
> (professional and student). It is a competition. It is lectures,
> masterclasses, recitals, pubvlic performances, jamming, Grand Finale
> concert.

Is anyone planning to videotape the contrafest event? If so, I would be happy to purchase a copy, or to trade for rare jazz videos in my collection. If there's enough footage, I will offer to edit it; I work at one of the most advanced post-production facilities!


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