Vol. 1, No. 21

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Vol. 1, No. 21 22 July 1996

EDITOR'S NOTE: Let's all welcome new subscriber Steven Lederman, who seems to have the bug as badly as any of us ;-). For anyone keeping score, Steven is #22 on the list of recipients (not including me). Perhaps this list will survive after all.

Author: drumming man
Date: 7/21/96 9:35 AM
Subject: Re: Sarrusophones!

Hi, Grant!

Why are you doing this to me? I thought that my life was perfect and uncomplicated;

I had given up hope of finding a sarrusophone, and I was consoling myself with the notion that my Contra-alto clarinet was much more expressive and wonderful than any old sarrusophone could ever be; now you've offered me a challenge to try and find some extra money to purchase one of these things....I'm going to have to sell something!

I really appreciate the information...thanks! It's come at the worst possible time, however....I'm trying to pay off a 1920's silver-plated Conn bass saxophone...it would be great to get a Conn sarrusophone from the same period! I called Lyn anyways, and he's going to FAX me a list of the instruments that are still available....maybe there won't be anything I want left! That would make the decision easy, and then I could just wait for some years until you were sick of one of your sarrusophones (the BBb?) and purchase it from you! Keep me in mind, anyways...

I bought the Bb bass, EEb bass and BBb contra from his son (Lyn
>> Marcus) in LA. He still has (or had as of last week) an Eb alto, Eb
>> baritone, and another EEb bass (aka Eb contra).
Were any of the instruments that you purchased manufactured by Conn??
> The Eb contra is believed to be a 1928 Conn. Nobody's sure, because
>> the instrument has been painted (to masquerade as a contrabassoon).
Is the Conn stamp/engraving not visible? Is the serial number legible? (I guess these are questions that I should be asking Lyn!!) Did you see the painted instrument? Wouldn't it be a huge job to get all of the paint off?? If you don't mind me asking, what did you pay for the horns you bought? I just want to get an idea, so that maybe I can offer him less for the Conn due to the fact it's covered in paint.
>> I have a web page for sarrusophones, at
>> http://www.crl.com/~gdgreen/sarrus.html , if you're interested. I've
>> also started a discography for various rare instruments (particularly
>> bass-contrabass sizes), which lists/will list available CDs that have
>> sarrusophone tracks. I also run an email digest (like doublereed-L,
>> only much smaller) called Contrabass-L, specifically for contrabass
>> winds, which you're welcome to join.
Yes, please subscribe me to your list as soon as possible!! The only real info I can give you so far for CD tracks pertain to the Clarence Williams side with Bechet playing sarrusophone. With the range that he covers on that recording (the same as my Contra-alto) can you tell which voice of sarrusophone he's performing on?

Do you have the Contrabassoon solo CD yet? Just Contrabassoon and piano...GREAT!!

>> Please feel free to email me if you have any questions. Best address
>> to get me at is gdgreen@crl.com
>> Grant
Thanks again!!


Re: List Software

This is an update on the mechanics of the list. In rooting around for software, I discovered that there is a group at my ISP called "Pack Rat Network" (PRN), which is devoted to providing some of the software that CRL (the ISP) doesn't. PRN has a compiled copy of procmail, which apparently is capable of handling simple lists like this one. I think at this point it would be just a matter of establishing a mail "alias", and setting up a few configuration files. If it works the way I think it will, I should be able to subscribe everyone initially (as the list "owner"), after which everyone should be able to send email directly to the list at Contrabass-L@crl.com (or something like that).

Assuming that I can get it set up and configured, are people interested in receiving this as "standard list" or digest? I think the list can be set up so that everyone gets their choice (i.e., it isn't "all digest", or "all list").

The advantage of the "list" format (where your message goes directly to subscribers) is that it tends to establish real dialogues, as opposed to the present format which tends to become a set of dialogues just with me. The main advantages of the digest format are (1) no more than one message per day, and (2) inherently, no spam. I think we can set up even the standard list format to exclude most spam by limiting the permitted message size to something reasonable (and maybe filtering out any subject line containing "$", "money" or "Free").

Thoughts? Preferences?


Re: Contrabass clarinets

Another correspondent (who hasn't yet joined the list) just acquired a Linton contrabass clarinet. Apparently, it has an incredibly wide bore. Prestini originally made reeds for the monster, but has since stopped and isn't interested in starting up again. He's looking for reeds.

Any suggestions?



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