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Date: Wed, 27 Mar 2002 16:25:06 -0800
From: Grant Green
Subject: [CB] Sarrusophone CD

Did I mention that the CD of the last SJWS concert is now available?  This was the concert on which I played Eb contrabass sarrusophone , covering the contrabassoon part on "Yiddish Dances."  If you listen carefully, you can
actually hear it in some spots: next time, I'll play louder.  For most of the piece, the contrabassoon part is unison with the tuba, and contributes only an extra reediness to the tuba timbre.  There are, however, places where the tuba drops out and the sarrusophone is audible (particularly during a few bassoon passages, where the sarrusophone is an octave lower).  There are also a few tuba solos (i.e., without sarrusophone), where one can hear the difference between tuba alone and tuba enhanced with sarrusophone.  In any event, I *think* the CDs can be ordered from the SJWS (see the website at ) or from Johnson Digital Audio , who did the recording.  If you order through JDA, you'll need to specify that the group is the San Jose Wind Symphony, and the recording date was 2/16/02.  For anyone interested, the title is "A Musical World Tour", with Robert M. Gifford as guest conductor.  The tracks on the CD are:



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