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Date: Mon, 08 Oct 2001 13:03:02
Subject: [CB] Bassoon High F and F#???

Hi list, just wondering if anyone out there has a reliable fingering/s for
high F (highest) and F sharp. I have no problem with G's or even notes
higher, but these two seem to be most elusive. I've tried all the ideas of
my colleagues and the fingerings on the IDRS site but can only hit these
notes when approached from a chromatic slur. I'm trying to pull off the
Bozza Nocturnes, and it would be a shame to transpose the passage starting
on high F sharp. I know it can be done, someone out there must have a secret
fingering to help me out! If it helps, I play a Puchner 8000 series...

Thanking anyone who replies in advance,
Brock Imison
Brisbane, Australia.



From: Opusnandy
Date: Mon, 8 Oct 2001 12:05:05 EDT
Subject: Re: [CB] Bassoon High F and F#???


You may have tried these, but here's what works for me (sometimes).  For hi F
I finger it the same as hi E (I'm assuming you have a hi E key for this) and
add the A flip key with your left thumb.  Some manufacturers are now offering
a hi F key just above the standard hi E key.  Perhaps a repair person who
knows bassoon pretty well could add one to your horn.  For hi F# I use the
following fingering: 1st and 2nd fingers in the left hand plus the left thumb
on the A flip key; the right hand has the first finger down and the 5th
finger on the low F key.  Unfortunately, this fingering works a lot better
with a harder reed or a light touch from the bottom teeth on the reed.  Like
I said, these don't always work for me, but they are the best that I know.
Hopefully someone on the list knows some even better ones!

Jonathan Carreira
Carreira Music Productions
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