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From: MVinquist
Date: Mon, 3 Sep 2001 08:39:12 EDT
Subject: [CB] Haynes Clarinet

The instrument I played was definitely a Haynes, but, as I said, it was years
ago -- maybe 1975.  I defer to Ed Branham's expertise, not to mention that he
has it in his hands.  As to the sound, I'm a "strictly legit" player and have
always preferred Buffet over Selmer, but that's only me.  Certainly the
Haynes I played was a pro-level instrument.

Now if Haynes had only made a silver contra....

Best regards.

Ken Shaw

Date: Mon, 3 Sep 2001 14:41:02 -0500
From: Oscar A Wehmanen
Subject: [CB] Curved Saxophones

 The sound in woodwinds leaks out of their holes differently on every note.
 Not like our beloved brasses.  So I would expect the shape-hearability to
 be complicated.

 However, from my experience with tubas and my peculiar violin set up, I have come to
 realize that very small changes in ear (or microphone) placement can have large effects
 in the preceived sound, especially for ears that are locked into one position in the
 near-field of the instrument.    Oscar

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