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Date: Sun, 24 Jun 2001 00:28:21 -0400
From: jim lande & joyce mason
Subject: [CB] Selmer Contra Problem

Well, I bought the Selmer rosewood Contra alto clarinet that Steven from
our list recently listed on eBay.   From low E to G in the upper
register it plays much better than my Bundy (which I like a lot.)   This
one doesn't have low Eb, which I miss, but you can't have everything.
Does anyone know if this dates the horn.  (From the case, I am guessing
1960s or 1970s.  It is so heavy it must have been carved out of solid
oak and then covered with something to make it look modern.)

The real problem is that I can sort of coax an A out of it, but B and
high C just aren't there.  The G, however, is easy and clear. These high
notes on the Bundy also are a little hoarse, but I can hit them.   My
first thought was a leak, but the pads are almost new and I can't detect
a leak using a leak light.  It seems pretty tight when I take the upper
joint, cover the bottom and all the keys, and blow.   Besides, if the
problem was a leak, wouldn't it affect one note much more than others?
My next thought is that the register key opens too much.   Pressing
halfway helps get the A, but doesn't help above that.   Is there
something mechanical that is supposed to happen between G and A?  Any
other suggestions, or is this something that Selmer has solved with some
change in keywork in newer horns?

jim lande

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