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Date: Sun, 14 Jan 2001 17:01:01 -0800
From: David Flager
Subject: Re: [CB] [CB Digest]

> I`m planning to buy a tuba (can`t wait for the decimocontraclarinet or
> lower). I understand that for a jazz player, a conn model would be the
> one to get (to achieve a FAT WARM DRY sound).
> Now, is this right? Could it be a sousaphone alternatively?

Get an old, OLDS 09 ** something or other, bach took it over when they
bought olds. a four valve is best. Or a Weril makes a good afforable new
3/4 front 4 valve quick articulate tubas. look at the canadian brass,
you want something like that, small managable articulate fast.


Date: Mon, 15 Jan 2001 12:03:15 -0500
From: Paul Lindemeyer
Subject: [CB] FS: York Bass Sax by Conn

I am offering for sale a bass saxophone (serial # P222xx) made by Conn
for the York Co. of Grand Rapids, MI.

It dates from the early to mid 1920s and has 90+% of its original silver
plate finish with little wear (mostly to the bell gilding) no dents, and
very few dings. Pads are good older ones and sealing well. The horn has
several custom modifications including wire keyguards added to low C and
high Eb and what I believe to be an added Bb-bis lever. It is housed in
a nearly new DEG hard case.

This is a really fine playing bass sax. I wouldn't be selling it except
that I now have the ultimate (for me), a 1940 Conn 14M to high F.

Seeking $4,500 or best offer. Will ship anywhere with insurance.
Pictures available by email on request.
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