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Date: Fri, 19 May 2000 19:43:39 -0700
From: jim & joyce <>
Subject: [CB] Music Review

I went to see David Murray last night at a little club in
Washington DC called Twins.  I don't think there was any
advertising, just word of mouth and the place was filled to
capacity -- about 70 people.  Murray played tenor sax and
bass clarinet.  Only the latter, I suppose, really rates for
our list.   Murray's tone is gorgeous and his playing is
effortless, as if he dreams clouds of notes and they
materialize in front of him.  The second set was better than
anything by him I have heard on CD  And his CDs make me ache
because he plays so much better than I do.   Next stop for
him:  Montreal.

He plays as high on the tenor as I do on my soprano
clarinet. Question:   Teeth on reed?  Is there any other way
to get to get that high?.

The rest of the band was first rate.  Disclosure.  The
drummer is a fellow economist at the FCC who played with
Murray in college.  That's how I got worded of mouth.  (Word
of mouthed?)

This was not big band or torch song jazz.  Shades of Ornette
Coleman (rhythm section) and Coltrane (tenor style).  Murray
played bass clarinet on two songs.   He is able to pop the
pads loud enough to sound like a marimba on some passages.
Question:  is there any special technique involved or do you
simply need a good mike?

Out of 70 patrons, there were at most three people smoking
in the club.    What a pleasure to walk out after four hours
and not stink and not cough up phlegm.  Question:  Is this
getting common.  Can I start going to more clubs?

jim lande

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