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Date: Sun, 12 Mar 2000 17:53:47 EST
Subject: [CB] Hi!

Hey everyone!  I just subscirbed to this i guess i will start by
sayin a little about myself.  My name is Dana and im from lindenhurst, long
island, NY.  Im 16.
I play a *wide* variety of instruments. 4th grade i learned the
flute, then in 5th grade i went on to the clarinet.  In 8th grade i learned
the bassoon and piano.  9th grade i began bass clarinet, and moved on to the
EEb Contra Alto Clarinet in 10th grade...actually i made the school buy me
one so i could learn it...and im awsome on it!  This year i am auditioning
for all state.  I also play the alto clarinet.  As for my out of school
instruments, i play crystal and bamboo flutes, lots of hand drums, and the
guitar.  I sing a little too.  My next goal is to learnt to play the
didgeridoo.  I *love* all of the deep rumbly well and the
mellow super low mystical ones...such as bass flutes :c)  Music is pretty
much my life.  My other hobbies are photography, sewing my own clothes,
wandering alone outside into forests and such, poetry, painting and going to
concerts and festivals.  My favourite bands are: Grateful Dead, Phish,
Counting Crows, The Doors, and Cat Stevens.  Um...i guess thats pretty much
me...your down to earth little hippie with an absolute love for music!

~~*Lotsa peace n lovin*~~

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