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Date: Tue, 23 Nov 1999 22:41:19 +0100
From: Alberto Pinton <>
Subject: Re: [Contra digest]

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>From: (lawrence johns)
>Date: Sun, 21 Nov 1999 13:19:00 -0500 (EST)
>Subject: Re: horns inquiry
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> Was this possibly a message for me?
    In the case of computers, ignorance is *not* bliss...
    Still looking for those saxophones...


From: "Spencer Parks" <>
Subject: Re: horns inquiry
Date: Tue, 23 Nov 1999 15:03:59 PST

How ya doing Alberto.  I am also a low sax player, but that's about it.  I
don't really play flute or clarinet, but I'm kind of interested.  I actually
have a bass sax, but I didn't buy.  About three years ago (I was a junior in
High School) before school one day I went to the music wing to drop off my
bari sax and I saw my band director.  He said, "you're not supposed to be
here this early" and next to him was a pretty large case.  I said, "Is that
a bass sax?" and he said that it was.  He had gone to the school where he
used to work over the weekend and they had a bass sax that hadn't been
played for about two years.  He brought it home.  When I graduated high
school i got to keep it because he really got it for me.  It doesn't look
like a regular bass sax though.  It's from Vito and it's shorter.

I just thought that that was a pretty good story.


>Hi everybody,
>I'm a woodwind player new to the web and this method of communication...I'm
>sort of a low reed specialist with bari sax, bass and contra-alto clarinet
>as most frequent 'requests' from contractors...I nevertheless love to play
>all kinds of flutes(I'm looking for a used bass...),clarinets and
>I've been looking everywhere for the following 'in between' horns that I'd
>like to play and have:
>F mezzo soprano
>King saxello
>I obviously'd like to have a bass saxophone but my savings go only so
>I deeply appreciate any kind of information about my search
>Thank you and please keep blowing in the basement, it helps the earth go
>Hope to hear from you all
>end contrabass list

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