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Date: Thu, 18 Nov 1999 15:51:34 -0700
From: Grant Green <>
Subject: Whale sighting

Even though I won't be there, I still have to recommend catching the
next San Jose Wind Symphony concert, on Sunday, November 21 (3:00 PM,
South Valley Auditorium, San Jose).  The Nuclear Whales *will* be
there, performing Craig Bohmler's "Elegy & Wild Ride" and Art
Springs' "Sangoma" with the SJWS (Art wrote out wind ensemble parts
for it), as well as several of their own ensemble works.  They came
to the rehearsal on Tuesday night, and I discovered myself playing
unison with contrabass sax: what a sound!

The full program is:
-Nobles of the Mystic Shrine, Sousa
-Pastoral, Williams
-Elegy and Wild Ride, Bohmler
-Fete Dieu a Sevielle, Albeniz / Calliet
-Carousel Waltz, Bennett
       Nuclear Whales Saxophone Orchestra
+Whaletown Strutter's Ball, Brooks / Eps
+The Blue Danube Waltz, Strauss / Springs
+It Don't Mean A Thing, (so) Sing, Sing, Sing, Ellington, Prima / Merrell
+Burglars' Holiday, Anderson / Cztar
+Sweet Georgia Brown, Bernie, Pinkard, Casey / Merrell
-Sangoma (with SJWS), Springs
-Dance of the Comedians, Smetana / Foster
-76 Trombones, Willson / Iwai

The "76 Trombones" is a crazy arrangement, with the title theme
overlaid on the Stars & Stripes, Washington Post, and just about
every other march you can think of, a la PDQ Bach (but without the
"wrong" notes).

Ticket information and directions are available at the SJWS website,



Grant Green  

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