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Date: Fri, 13 Aug 1999 17:51:19 -0500
From: M Rubin <>
Subject: bass trumpet

Anybody need a bass trumpet?
Lemme know as I'm thinking of parting with my Getzen.
Found me another odd brass instrument I want and gotta let this go, I'm
sure many of y'all are familiar with the drill.
Contact me offline.

Mark Rubin

POB 49227, Austin TX 78765


Date: Fri, 13 Aug 1999 20:08:21 +0100
From: Jim Katz <>
Subject: Lelia L.'s Uncle Bill!

Thank you so much for giving us all a beautiful and eloquent word picture
of  this wonderful man - and in the process a few hints of where your own
quirky outlook on life comes from....

I try never to miss the opportunity to expose kids to musical experiences.
The earlier the better, and the impression lasts. My own first organ
experience was a Virgil Fox concert on in a large church in Brockton, Mass.
I remember the impressive look of the instrument, the sounds of the various
sections of the organ coming from all parts of the church, and even some of
the repertoire (which also leaned heavily on Bach.)  I was four years old.

Jim Katz,DSB
(Distant Second Bassoon)
I Medici di McGill
Physician Orchestra
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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