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Date: Sat, 29 May 1999 19:13:01 -0400 (EDT)
From: (Timothy J. Tikker)
Subject: Re: Myerson Hall organ

To quote:

>If i'm not mistaken, the Lay Family Organ in Dallas goes all the way
>down to the E in the 64 foot register.  I've heard it on two
>occasions and it is so low that it shakes the entire hall when it is
>played.  The funny thing is that there is enough room in the hall to
>easily put a 64 foot pipe but there is not one.

        The only thing I'm aware of is that it goes down to 32' C with 3
32' ranks:
  Prestant (Principal--open pipes), Untersatz (probably stopped wooden
pipes), and the Tuba Profunda (a very aggressive reed stop).  Has a partial
64' rank actually been added????


Actually, I had a lengthy posting on this organ some weeks ago.  I quoted
from the article written about the builders in The American Organist
Magazine/  Plus I've played the organ myself, and had several conversations
with the builders about it.  So you might want to check the archives for my

Briefly:  the 32' Prestant on this organ goes to D in the facade pipes;
low C & C# are not visible.  Is is available both as a manual and Pedal
stop.  The 32' Untersatz is a powerful open, not stopped, wood flue (though
"Untersatz" is more frequently used as a term for stopped pipes).  The 32'
Tuba profunda is a reed of smooth tone but tremendous power, called by the
builders "the true climax stop of the organ."

There is no 64' stop on this organ.  Check the Fisk webpage for the
specifications of this organ.  One could also e-mail the Fisk company from
their webpage and confirm the specifications.  I can provide the URL or
e-mail if requested.

- Timothy Tikker


Date: Sat, 29 May 1999 11:50:55 -0400
Subject: Ebay Dredgings

In the what it is worth catagory of offbeat instruments,

On Ebay currently there is a honest to gosh 5 valve Tenor Tuba up for

IT has a famous player connection as well, but sentimentality aside, it
is an interesting horn for tuba collectors.


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Date: Sat, 29 May 1999 23:14:03 -0700
From: Frank Diaz <>
Subject: Re: [Contra digest]

Hi all. I know this isn't a contrabass subject, but does anyone have a
copy of the alto sax part to Ferde Grofe's commonly performed orchestra
arrangement (not the concert band arrangement) of "Rhapsody in Blue"?
I have the tenor sax/ bass clarinet part already and I need the alto sax
part for a possible gig in the near future and I would like to have the
music in advance. Please contact me off-list if you want at


Frank Diaz


Date: Sun, 30 May 1999 13:51:35 -0400
From: arehow <>
Subject: Re: [EarlyClarinet] Heckel's address and phone

Hello, in my note yesterday I misquoted the serial number of this
Heckelphone.  The correct number is 3985, not 3465.  In an instrument
that is made in such quantity as a Heckelphone, this may represent a 50
year difference!

The Heckelphone I am looking at has a range to low A, automatic octaves,
and fingers like a German oboe, ie, like a Saxophone on top and like an
oboe on the bottom.  The keywork is very "Bahaus" in design, and the
case looks like it is from the 1930s.  Many of the keys, curiously,
instead of being plateaus are instead open semicircles with tiny buttons
in the center.

Robert Howe

arehow wrote:
> From: arehow <>
> I will be very grateful for a current PHONE NUMBER or FAX for Heckel in
> Weisbaden; also, for the prices of any Heckelphones sold recently in the
> USA; and for a date on Heckelphone serial 3465.
> Many thanks,
> Robert Howe

Date: Sun, 30 May 1999 14:03:05 +0100
From: Jim Katz <>
Subject: Re: instrument stands

DPaten has already talked about making a stand mostly of drum stand parts,
and I have seen that sort of thing before. Percussionists have always had
to be flexible in creating stands for various traps to keep them instantly
available to hit, brush, punch, or squeeze. I saw a drummer-doubler in an
Australian group  in Brisbane who had three digeridoos mounted to be
playable hands free while nevr missing a beat on the drumkit. You could
likely find spots on your horn to mount padded clamps and do likewise.

Jim Katz
a distant second bassoon
I Medici di McGill
Physician Orchestra
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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