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Date: Thu, 20 May 1999 18:47:49 EDT
Subject: Re: Marching with a bassoon

In a message dated 5/20/99 2:49:33 PM Central Daylight Time,

<< I marched with a contrabass clarinet >>

Wow, I would've needed a harness.

Roger, marching bass clarinet

Date: Thu, 20 May 1999 16:50:25 -0700
From: Frank Diaz <>
Subject: Re: [Contra digest]

Here's another good story about why you would not want to march with a bassoon:

My next neighbor's dad marched with a bassoon in the band at UCLA back
in the 1950's. He told me the last time he marched with it is when he
tripped once and the reed cut his lip right open. He said it was a
bloody mess and that he had to get stitches.

UC Berkeley's band marched with 2 bass saxes well into the 1950's also.
Photos of the band for each year are in the band room. One of the horns
was restored and was used in the concert band when I was there around
1986. The other one was demolished and was in a dusty corner of the
instrument collection of the music department. It's neck was missing and
the case was really beat up. Too bad....

They also had a restored silver plated Buffet Eb Contrabass sarrusophone
as well, but no one was allowed to play it.

Frank Diaz

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> From: "monica fucci" <>
> Subject: Marching bassoon
> Date: Wed, 19 May 1999 16:13:07 -0300
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> Please!
> Why do you want to march with a wonderful instrument such a bassoon? The
> bassoon is the most important instrument of the orchestra !THE ORCHESTRA =
> !!!!!!!!
> Please, don't march with it.!!!

Date: Fri, 21 May 1999 12:11:58 -0700
From: Grant Green <>
Subject: Another sarrusophone found


In the course of web surfing the other day, I ran across a music store with
a sarrusophone hanging on the wall.  The horn is a Conn Eb contrabass, and
is apparently missing the bocal and "a few keys", but *might* be available
for sale or trade in the near future.  If the owner doesn't mind (I'm
waiting to hear), I'll post his contact information for anyone interested.


Grant Green  

Date: Fri, 21 May 1999 15:39:08 -0700
From: Grant Green <>
Subject: Sarrusophone reeds!

Me again,

I just ran across a web page listing *Vandoren sarrusophone reeds*, at  Gee, only $68....


Grant Green  

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