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Date: Wed, 17 Mar 1999 11:00:27 -0800
From: Grant Green <>
Subject: Sarrusophones in public...

Well, if all goes well, I'll be playing my Bb bass sarrusophone at one (or
more) of our next SJWS performances.  Half of my folder for the rest of the
season consists of bass sax parts, and the bass sarrusophone is a natural
substitute.  Also, those pieces just lay better on the sarrusophone's
sax-like fingerings than on clarinet fingerings.  Our rehearsal last night
didn't involve any of the works that I play Eb contralto on, so I just
brought Bb contra and the bass sarrusophone, and played half the rehearsal
on the sarrusophone.  I'm not sure the director even noticed.  I sit
directly in front of the saxophones and behind the oboe and english horn,
and it may have been difficult to distinguish the timbres.  You'd think it
would be hard to miss ;-) In any event, I apparently wasn't out of tune,
and the director didn't object, so....

Next concert is 8:45 PM Friday, April 9, as part of the 1999 Association of
Concert Bands Convention in Salinas, CA (we're supposed to receive the 1998
Sudler Silver Scroll Award).  The full program is posted at  The only "sarrusophone" work on the program is the
March Op. 99 by Sergei Prokofiev, however, the May 16 program (7:30 PM,
Mountain View Center for Performing Arts) includes Pictures at an
Exhibition and several Shostakovich and Prokofiev works that call for the


Grant Green  

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