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list                           Thu, 7 Jan 1999            Volume 1 : Number 77

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Date: Wed, 06 Jan 1999 23:38:58 -0500
From: jim & joyce
Subject: Silent brass

Has anyone tried this muting/earphone system for tubas?

I don't play tuba, and I can see where it would not work for a big
clarinet, and I don't mean to suggest that all tubas be muted.
Actually, I am wondering if the sound quality is good enough to run
through an amp?



Date: Thu, 7 Jan 1999 18:03:07 -0200
From: Timothy Tikker

Subject: David Pino Clarinet Book

David Pino's The Clarinet and Clarinet Playing is now available from
Dover in an updated reprint, after having been out of print for years:

Dover 0-486-40270-3 (paperback), $9.95

I got this from  I had a standing order for a copy of the
out-of-print edition, dreading what it might cost if it ever turned up.
Instead, a few months ago (I placed the order a year before!), they told me
about the reprint.  Such service!

- Timothy Tikker


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