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Date: Mon, 12 Oct 1998 17:37:22 -0800
From: Grant Green <>
Subject: Bass Sax in C!


My apologies for the recent deafening silence over here (no, we haven't
gone sub-sonic...).  My email account (and the list) has migrated to
another server (same ISP), and was down for a number of days.  Appears to
be back up now....

Anyway, in the interrim, I received a fax from an instrument collector in
Germany, who has some *very* interesting horns.  One of which I might....

Anyway2, amongst his collection is a bass saxophone in C, made in the 1870s
(if I remember correctly).  I inquired if it wasn't a high-pitch Bb
instrument, and received confirmation that it *is* actually a C bass sax,
and identical to two museum specimens, one of which was made by Adolphe
Sax.  His C bass was made by a French firm I am unfamiliar with (and I
didn't think to write down the name or bring the fax with me).

More as events unfold ....


Grant Green  
sarrusophones and other
seismic devices

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