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list                           Tue, 22 Sep 1998           Volume 1 : Number 96

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Date: Tue, 22 Sep 1998 08:06:35 +0100
From: David Bobroff <>
Subject: cimbasso

>This really has nothing to do with wedding music, but can someone tell
>me what a Cimbasso is?  I saw a picture of one in the new issue of brass
>wind, and I am curious as to what it is?

If you order a cimbasso you will get a four- or five- (maybe even six?)
valved brass instrument, pitched in F or perhaps C, maybe even Bb (same
octave as tubas in those keys).  Most of the ones I have seen in catalogues
have been in F.  A cimbasso is essentially a valved contrabass trombone.
The only problem is that the word "cimbasso" apparently has little if
anything to do with a musical instrument.  There is specutaltion that it is
a misreading of an abbreviation for "contrabasso."

I hope this answers your question.

David Bobroff


Date: Tue, 22 Sep 1998 08:15:06 +0100
From: David Bobroff <>
Subject: CB-trombones again

>I should think it two rotors for the same reason the Bass Bones have two.

Yeah, when I thought about it for a moment I realized that with only the F
valve the following note would be missing and it is a note you might want
to have handy.


8va bassa...._|

>I can see some use to an independent dual rotor system the same
>as the current Basses, one in F, and the other in D.  That would give you
>alternates so you wouldn't have to hang the slide out very far, as heavy
>as it was long tones beyond about 3rd position could get very trying.

Now *that* might be a practical set-up.  The whole thing would still weigh
a ton, though.

David Bobroff


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