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list                           Fri, 21 Aug 1998           Volume 1 : Number 65

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Date: Fri, 21 Aug 1998 13:53:42, -0500
Subject: A miracle happened today!

-- [ From: Mark Trinko * EMC.Ver #2.5.3 ] --

My phone rang and it was Kevin Damon (contrabassoonist-Utah).

He and another from the earlier contrafests have gotten together and
identified money to carry the contrafest in a much bigger and better way
than I had done into the future for several years.

I was so happy that I started crying.  Now, for once, the contrabassoon
will receive the Public Recognition and support for the players that we
have been striving for.  Effective immediately, all contrafest
coordination will be handled by Kevin Damon in Park City, UT.  I will
support him and do whatever he wants in the way of historical help and
future help.

All of your email addresses and regular addresses will be "housed" in
Park City from now on.  The Madison Lions Club was willing to host the
1999 contra-fest, but reluctantly.  The Park City thing is ecstatic
about it.   Lots of other musicians are going to be there to play with
the contra.  Each lodging suite is a livingroom with 2 bedrooms on each
side.  Each livingroom has a piano in it!  You can play and practice 24
hours per day!   The Internatoinal Music Festival in Park City is
happening from July through August each yeatr.

Kevin and the other will fund a professional contra player to do 3
concerts per week and masterclasses.  It gets way better, but I won't
spoil the excitement for the planning team.

I am mailing all the contra music, contra competition stuff, composers
competition stuff, etc to Kevin.

You must get involved and communicate with Kevin now!   Email him at a
lab that he uses with a common address, so you must put "Kevin Damon" on
the subject line of every message.

Kevin Damon P. O. Box 3106
Park City, UT 84060
(435) 649-3132-voice
(435) 649-6322-fax  -  email

Plan now to come to Park City (Salt Lake), Utah in the summer of 1999!


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