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list                           Mon, 17 Aug 1998           Volume 1 : Number 61

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Date: Mon, 17 Aug 1998 16:34:00 +0100
From: "Alec Hill" <>
Subject: Re: mozart trios

>Does anyone know how/where I can get my hands on music for the Mozart
>basset horn trios?  I have found them transcribed for string trio, as if
>they don't have enough music of their own, they have to go hogging the
>little bit of music written for "us".
Dear Jean,

The five basset horn Divertimenti K.439b (KA.229) are published by Breitkopf
& Hartel in an edition edited by the Trio di Clarone (Sabine
Meyer+brother+husband) who have recorded them on EMI CMS 7 63810 2 (I
believe that's CDMC 63810 in the U.S.).  The catalogue numbers are KM

In addition Breitkopf & Hartel publish four sets of modern transcriptions of
Mozart arias for basset horn trio, commissioned by the Trio di Clarone,
which I can strongly recommend:

In addition to the 3 basset horns, parts are also provided to enable these
to be played by 3 Bb clarinets or 2 Bb clarinets and bassoon.

Good luck in locating these.

Alec Hill


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Date: Mon, 17 Aug 1998 12:12:07 -0700
From: Grant Green <>
Subject: Sarrusophone Players Wanted: Bay Area!!

WANTED: Sarrusophone players...

Went back and picked up my contra sarrusophone last Saturday, with the
bocal expertly repaired (tip damage), and two new reeds, custom-made for
the horn.  Apparently, Keith Loraine makes all the sarrusophone reeds for
Jack Spratt.  He had his Conn Eb contrabass sitting out, so I had a good
chance to compare it with my horn.  The Conn seems just like how I remember
the Buffet: it is wrapped a bit differently, so that the horn is several
inches longer than my Gautrot.  Also, the hand position is different: on
the Conn, the left hand is situated below the B tone hole, while on the
Gautrot LH resides above the tone hole.  The Conn, like the Buffet, has a
noticeably narrower bore than the Gautrot, and a distinctly different
timbre (I got to play it as well).  Where the Gautrot sounds more like a
contrabassoon, the Conn has a *very* reedy sound.

I also had a chance to photograph and record KL's great bass shawm, while
I'll post in a few days (haven't had the film developed yet).  Its kind of
like playing a straight bassoon...

Anyway, KL and I talked for quite a while.  He also has an Eb baritone
sarrusophone (which he refers to as the "combat bassoon"), a beautiful
silver instrument that he keeps in a modified trombone case.  Between us,
we have the instrumentation to play sax quartet music - an octave lower (Bb
tenor, Eb bari, Bb bass, Eb contra, instead of SATB), and we decided that
such a quartet would be a *lot* of fun.

Anyone interested?

Perhaps to play on a San Francisco street corner, a la the San Francisco
Saxophone Quartet.  Possibly a "real" gig.  We'll probably play a mix of
classical arrangements (perhaps even a few SFSQ charts, which are available
by mail), and a few novelties like "The Baby Elephant Walk", the "Pink
Panther", "The Liberty Bell" (with a good splat), and "The Stars &
Stripes", with whatever else we can find.  I imagine we'll arrange some of
the charts for multiple Eb contras.  KL lives in Petaluma, while I live
near San Jose: any sarrusophonist who doesn't mind a little driving, and
has a taste for the absurd, would be welcome.  We'd send out parts in
advance, so that everyone could be up to speed prior to rehearsing (which
might be just once).

Anyone in the area interested?


Grant D. Green             Just filling in on sarrusophone
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