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list                           Thu, 9 Jul 1998            Volume 1 : Number 25

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Date: Thu, 09 Jul 1998 13:38:02 PDT
From: "Mats 0ljare" <>
Subject: Re: sub-woofer hearing

The area of human hearing is often described as 20 to 20000 hz,but this
is a very loose approximation.While the high border is agreed upon as
descending with age,the low border is seldom mentioned.The basis is the
point where a fast rhytm is percieved as a low tone.This may be between
10-50 hz.At the same point,notes at the distance of this frequency or
lower is percieved as dissonant,this is why higher chords sounds less
dissonant than low.If you go low enough,even an octave sounds
dissonant.If the distance is little enough however,you only sense a
slight"detuning"effect-which has more to do with the logarithmic
distance(in cents)than the frequency distance.However,special speakers
for low frequencies ARE needed.Since the human hearing is not based on
the"width"of the vibrating waveform,but the angle on it,the power of
motion,but as the recording and speaker system is based on the width of
the waveform,low frequencies are very hard to reproduce with accurate

Mats Öljare

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