The Nuclear Whales Saxophone Orchestra

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The Nuclear Whales Saxophone Orchestra

1986, Whaleco Music (WM-100-CD) (Sp,S,A,T,B,Bs) *


1989, Whalco Music (WM-101-CD) (Sp,S,A,T,B,Bs) *

Thar They Blow

1991, Whaleco Music (WM-102-CD) (Sp,S,A,T,B,Bs,CB) *

Gone Fission

1992, Whaleco Music (WM-103-CD)(Sp,S,A,T,B,Bs,CB, Bombard) *

* Sp=Eb sopranino; S=Bb soprano; A=Eb alto; T=Bb tenor; B=Eb baritone; Bs=Bb bass; CB=EEb contrabass. A bombard is a folk instrument having a double reed and a conical bore, much like a keyless oboe (but typically shorter).

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