Contrabass Contact

Ok, I'm just really really really tired of spam.

I've been using the address "" for more than five years, and I am completely fed up opening my inbox to see 90%+ to be blatant scams, porn, ads for bogus drugs (or even real ones) or offers to refinance my mortgage (like anyone in their right mind should consider giving any financial details to a spammer).

So, I'm retiring "", and will instead use " ".*  By mid-Summer 2004, I
will stop even checking the old address. I'm using the new one now. The old address will continue to function: but only to forward spam to the Federal Trade Commission (

If you want the "" or "" contact, send your messages to " " - they all go to the same person anyway.

BTW, I am not related to the famous guitarist, or his son.

* I am posting my address here using "Escramble", which so far has circumvented spambots.

©2004 Grant Green