Day 1

Date: Tue,  6 Jan 1998 02:05:36, -0500 
Subject: Contra-fest first complete day! 

Wow!  What a powerful day.  People from around the world who play contrabassoons and contra-clarinets. 

Let's see, after afternoon of registration, everyone did the opening reception with tons of food and impromptu jamming.  It was great - they could not even speak the same language, but they all knew the same songs!  Argentina, El Salvador, France, USA...............  Heckels, Foxes, etc. 

I tried to video everything, but the faces, hands, feet, lips, throats all were just to fast and furious to catch it all. 

Then we moved to the opening night recital by Nick Cardoze of France. He played Leviathan, Bass Nachtigall, and Sonatine Breve by Rougeron. 

After that we did a welcome speach by me and voted on purchasing the video.  All in attendance voted to purchase the video.  Here's the deal.....there will be 2 videos, one lecture and masterclasses....the other recitals and concerts.  The set of 2 will cost you $25 and that should cover raw materials and shipping/handling.  We are moving fast on this.  If you want the videos....mail me a check for $25 USD now payable to Las Vegas Sundowner Lions Club, 724 Straight St, Las Vegas, NV 89110 

After that, some of us retired to the lounge to scope out the stage for the contra lounge acts upcoming during the next 2 days at certain times. 

There is a lot more music this year compared to last year.  Everyone brought contra duets, trios, quartets, octets, etc.  Tomorrow I will copy all of it so everyone takes home a set.  Also, Rolando Siguenza from El Salvador brought music and cassettes for quintets and more.  I will pass out cassettes to all attendees tomorrow. 

The hotel is ecstatic to host such an extraordinary event.  The entire staff is buzzing about our festival.  Things learned today.........There are some contra-players who don't speak Spanish or English.  I shall prepare better for translators in future festivals. 

More tomorrow if I am not to tired tomorrow night! 



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