Contrabass Trombone

"Contrabass trombone" typically refers to a large trombone in F, usually having two triggers, and to an instrument in BBb having a double slide (four tubes on the slide, rather than two).  The contrabass trombones to the right were  made by Lätzsch.  
A Lätzsch contrabass trombone in F
Another Lätzsch contrabass trombone in F

Nope, I don't own one.  But, Dick Tyack does (Bass/Contrabass Trombone with the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden).  Actually, his contrabass trombone is a custom-made EEb contrabass with a short double slide.  His contra, made by Thein, is pictured at right.

Thein contrabass trombone in Eb
Thein also makes contrabass trombones in F, like the one pictured here.
Thein contrabass trombone in F
Voigt contrabass trombone in F
The contrabass trombone at left was made by Voight
Boosey-Hawkes contrabass trombone in C
Boosey-Hawkes contrabass trombone in C
These two contrabass trombones were made by Boosey-Hawkes, and are known as the "King Kong" models.

See also Doug Yeo , Bass Trombonist Boston Symphony Orchestra, for orchestral excerpts that call for contrabass trombone (Wagner's "Das Reingold").  His Gallery includes pictures of his rare Conn BBb contrabass (towards the bottom of the page).

The Woodwind & Brasswind carries a Mirafone BBb contrabass trombone (pictured at right): select "view entire catalog", pick the Brasswind catalog, then the trombone section, then the page of bass trombones.

Mirafone BBb contrabass trombone
Tom Izzo pictured at right with a Mirafone BBb contrabass trombone.
Tom Izzo and Mirafone BBb contrabass trombone
Contrabass trombones didn't always have doubled slides or multiple triggers: the original versions were just very, very long, requiring a handle in order to extend the slide far enough.   A 17th century Oller in BBb is pictured at right, held by Nicolas Eastop .  You can also hear BBb on the horn, if you can play mp3 files.

Oiler contrabass trombone, with stick
contrabass trombone in the form of a helicon

Finally, we have a contrabass trombone of a different shape altogether, wrapped like a helicon with a doubled slide.
All pictures courtesy of Johannes Mader

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