Bass Harmonica



Yes, believe it or not, there is a bass harmonica (also known as the bass harp).  The harp at right is a Hohner Double Bass (348), which has a two-octave, fully chromatic range, starting with EE (the lowest note on a string bass or bass guitar).  This model is made with two hinged bodies, the lower having all the natural notes, and the upper having all the sharps/flats.  Each hole has two reeds tuned in octaves (i.e., it is an "octave" harp), and it is "all blow" (you don't get a different note - or any note - by drawing). Bass Harmonica (Hohner doublebass)
The back side of the Hohner double bass The bass harp is not exactly a common instrument...  It was more popular several decades ago, when harmonica ensembles were more common (often consisting of a lead harmonica - typically chromatic, a chord harmonica, and a bass harmonica).
Bass harmonicas are made by Hohner, Huang, and a few others.  Some "bass harps" (and some "contrabass harps") are actually pitched an octave above the Hohner and Huang models - check before you buy!

For more information on the bass harp, see Danny Wilson's excellent site, especially Bass Harp 101.

Bass harp in its case
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