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Vol. 1, No. 66

16 December 1996

EDITOR'S NOTE: Let's welcome new subscribers at < bonedaddy@connections.ultranet.com > and < Philbril@servtech.com >. Care to say a few words?

Date: Mon, 16 Dec 1996 08:31:44 -0500 (EST)
X-Personal_Name: Bonedaddy Mac
From: bonedaddy@connections.ultranet.com
Subject: subscribe contrabass-l

subscribe contrass-l bonedaddy@connections.ultranet.com

Thanks! And follow your bass instincts, but stay out of treble!!

Date: Mon, 16 Dec 1996 09:52:02 -0800
From: Trent Ruane <trentr@cnet.com>
Subject: Re: Contrabass-L No. 64 (Bass harmonicas)

>Date: Wed, 11 Dec 1996 01:32:35
>From: BJ99@gnn.com (B.J. Adrezin)
>Subject: Contrabass

> Hi Grant.
> I'd like to get input from the list on anything related to bass
>harmonicas. Has anyone heard one solo? Timbre, etc.
> While on the subject of free reeds, I heard that there is a
>bass accordian. Does anyone have any leads on that?
> Thanks. B.J. Adrezin

"Wacky" Borrah Minevitch was the leader of several harmonica ensembles that made extensive use of bass harps. You can see some at work in a musical short, which is available on laser disc from a box-set of great musical shorts from the 30s and 40s called "Swing, Swing, Swing". Also included are the Six Philharmonicas doing a rendition of Raymond Scott's "Powerhouse", again with really good bass harp. Quite interesting to see someone blowing into a harmonica the size of a loaf of bread!. I recently found a Borrah Minevitch and his Harmony Rascals 78, and I understand that he cut a good number of sides... haven't seen any CD reissues though. Another place that that you might check out is the HARP-L list:


I've seen bass harmonicas discussed, and for sale. The list is also in searchable digest form.

Hope that helps

-Trent Ruane

CNET: The Computer Network
415-395-7805 x1470

And now for todays' usenet skim...

From: Philip Lathrop <plathrop@neo.lrun.com>
Newsgroups: rec.music.makers.marketplace
Subject: FS: Eb Sousaphone
Date: Sat, 14 Dec 1996 20:20:13 -0500

I have a C. G. Conn Eb Sousaphone, circa 1930's for sale. Three valves,
laquer fair. Valves good. A good number of dings and dents. Bell in
good condition. Plays fine. Selling it because all I've ever played is
BBb. No case, gooseneck included.
Price - $700.00 plus shipping.
Please e-mail plathrop@neo.lrun.com if interested.

Author: JimKatz@JohnAbbott.qc.ca (Jim Katz)
Date: 12/15/96 11:53 AM
Subject: soprano dulcian & beer

I look forward to seeing a picture of the little dulcian, anyhow. Watch it with those beer bottles. I find preparing them for use as you advise, renders the photos fuzzy.



Jim Katz
292 Senneville Road, RR1
Senneville, Quebec
Canada, H9X 3L2

Depends on where you put the contents, and when you view the pictures...

Author: SpeedCom@aol.com
Date: 12/14/96 8:36 AM
Subject: Ground Shakers


I recently asked for measurements for a Great Big Flute, and you kindly offered to find them in your archives.

Sooo...while you're searching, will you look for a source where I might buy measured drawings or plans for a quart bass (6-fingers down=D) sordune or curtol.

I have been invited to play bass in a (very tolerant) recorder consort, and I don't particularly like the sound of a bass recorder. They won't allow me to use a krummhorn due to its loudness. I may get away with a cornamuse, but the other two are more appealing to me.

I am a good craftsman, so will have no trouble making an instrument if I can find the dimensions. I would prefer the sordune over the cortol, because I can lip the reed on the sordune. Either, however, would work.

It's amazing that in a metropolitan area of more than 5 million people (Houston/ Galveston) there is so little musical activity. I've found a couple of recorder consorts, but no really adventursome players.

Merry Christmas, and
Cheers/Donald Carron

SpeedCom@aol.com or 104044.1442@compuserve.com

I think that Scott Hirsch at Stranger Creek Productions has plans for sale for several instruments. I know there's a publication on making instruments (flutes, mainly) out of PVC. Scott, what else do you have there?


Author: Grant Green <gdgreen@crl.com> at SMTP
Date: 12/14/96 8:33 AM
TO: Philbril@servtech.com at SMTP

Welcome aboard!

Please feel free to post the traditional introduction: not required but appreciated.

Next digest will probably be next Monday or Tuesday, depending on message traffic.


Author: Tom McCraig <ferrets@exis.net>
Date: 12/14/96 8:29 AM
Subject: contrabass-l #64 bass harmonica

I play bass harmonica. I have 2 bass harmonicas. My main instrument is the Hohner double bass which is two octave chromatic from contra E at the low end. My other bass is a Hohner polyphonia bass which is two octave chromatic from contra D. There are other manufacturers but Hohner's is the most popular. Ever heard the theme from the Redd Foxx show? That instrument is a sample of a bass harmonica. Contact Danny Wilson at bassharp@earthlink.net He is a professional bass harmonica player and can give you more info. I also play accordian but have never heard of a bass accordian. There may be one but who knows? Tom McCraig

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