Vol. 1, No. 54

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Vol. 1, No. 54

4 November 1996

EDITOR'S NOTE: Let's welcome new subscriber Russell Plyler" < plyler@i-55.com >. Care to say a few words?

Author: Philip Neuman <neuman@uofport.edu>
Date: 11/3/96 7:57 PM
Subject: Re: Contrabass-L No. 53

Speaking of the cimbasso, the instrument that Verdi used as the lowest brass voice in a number of his operas, there is an article about it in the March 96 issue of the Galpin Society Journal by Renato Meucci transl. by William Waterhouse. The article makes it clear that the cimbasso was synonymous with bass horn, the upright, vaguely bassoon-shaped serpent, precursor to the ophicleide. The name might have come from an abbreviation of corno in basso: c. in basso. Two period fingering charts are reprinted in facsimile with a picture of the instrument with the headings: "SCALA CROMATICA DEL CIMBASSO" and "Tavola della Scala Cromatica Digitata pel Cimbasso". As the instrument fell out of use the parts have been played on ophicleide, valve contrabass trombone, and tuba.

Speaking of valve contrabass trombones, John Richards here in Portland has one in BBb. It appears to have been made for use in an orchestra pit; the tubing that on most valve trombones extends forward after the valves bends down to the floor. It has a tremendous amount of resistance.

I agree completely about the difficulty of slide alignment on the contrabass trombone. As I had mentioned, I had to build a slide for my inst. since the original had been destroyed. With a friend's help we worked on the alignment for two days until it was satisfactory.

Philip Neuman

Author: groover@netcom.com (Robert Groover)
Date: 11/2/96 10:09 AM
Subject: Re: Contrabass-L No. 53

One tidbit on contrabass trombones: I've been told they're occasionally used to replace tuba in street bands in New Orleans, because they "cut" better.

Robert Groover groover@netcom.com (PGP key on request)
Member ECS, AVS, ACM, OSA, Sen.Mem.IEEE, Reg'd Patent Atty
"Perhaps I too am a dragon, only dreaming I am a book."

Author: drumming man <lederman@inforamp.net>
Date: 11/2/96 10:02 AM
Subject: Re: Contrabass-L No. 52

>The "hot fountain pen" was a novelty clarinet, small enough to slip into
>a suit pocket, small enough to make an Eb clarinet look oversized. But,
>what is a goofus?

Hi, All!

Yes, the hot fountain pen was a one-octave clarinet. I don't believe it could be slipped into a suit pocket, but it was very small, just the same. A Goofus was actually a wind-controlled instrument, but with the added flexibility of having a keyboard! It was actually the original version of that "breath control" option that you could add to a modern keyboard synthesizer. The keyboard was almost like a child's toy; I actually saw someone play a plastic version of a Goofus in a band called "Look People".

On a non-related note, I believe Miraphone manufactures Contrabass trombones, but then again, I could be out of my mind.

Steven Lederman
(Conn bass sax, and my unsold LeBlanc Contra Alto!)

Author: "Russell Vincent Plyler" <plyler@i-55.com>
Date: 11/2/96 9:59 AM

Subscribe Contrabass-L

I'd be intrested in getting some information on wooden recorders and groups in the New Orleans area in Louisiana....tnk for any help Russ..

Author: Grant Green <gdgreen@crl.com> at SMTP
Date: 11/2/96 10:00 AM
TO: "Russell Vincent Plyler" <plyler@i-55.com> at SMTP

At 09:38 AM 11/1/96 -0800, you wrote:

>Subscribe Contrabass-L
>I'd be intrested in getting some information on wooden recorders and
>grouups in the New Orleans area in Louisiana....tnk for any help Russ..

You're now subscribed.

Sorry I don't know of any groups in the New Orleans area, but perhaps another subscriber will.

What would you like to know about recorders?


Author: skiosk@iconz.co.nz (Jim Gardner)
Date: 11/2/96 9:58 AM
Subject: CBTB recordings

>> Do you know of any other CBTB recordings?

'Integrales' and 'Arcana' (and perhaps Ameriques?) by Varese include CBTB. There are a few recordings. For 'Integrales' I'd recommend the Asko Ensemble on Attacca Babel 9263-2 DDD, or The Contemporary Chamber Ensemble on Nonesuch 9 71269-2. For 'Arcana', The New York Philharmonic under Boulez on Sony SMK 45 844 is pretty good.



Date: Mon, 4 Nov 1996 10:08:25 -0800 (PST)
From: "Elie A. Harriett" <harriete@pacificu.edu>
Subject: Greetings

My music teacher gave me the address of this discussion list because he knows how enthused I am with the contrabass.

I am a junior at Pacific University in Forest Grove, Or., and the school's bass trombone player. One day, my music teacher brought in his contrabass for me to try and I was hooked. I really loved that instrument.

Now that I'm a contra-addict, I want to learn a little more about the instrument and repotiore for it. While I don't actually own one (like I said, I'm in college), I have high hopes of getting one some day.

I look forward to reading all your comments in the future.


And now, the latest interesting thread from usenet:

>From: Bill Harwood <harwood@sirius.chinalake.navy.mil>
>Newsgroups: alt.music.saxophone
>Subject: NEW BASS SAXES????
>Date: Thu, 31 Oct 1996 11:36:28 -0800

>I have been playing with the idea of getting a Bass (yes bass not bari)
>sax to add to my hoard. >

>I saw that Selmer's home page indicates that they are making Basses.

>Here are the questions.
>What manufacturers are making Basses and what is the cost of a new one.
>Anybody have experience or comments about new basses. How do the new
>ones stack up aginst the older traditional models. What features do new
>models have that older ones do not????
>After seeing the Selmer Bass I thought this might be interesting and
>stir up some comments.

>Have a great one,

Anyone have advice to impart?

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