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Contrabass-list Thu, 22 Jan 1998 Volume 1 : Number 98

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Date: Fri, 23 Jan 1998 00:09:30 -0500
From: Jim Lande <lande@erols.com>
Subject: Re: contrabass-list

Greetings from Northern Virginia

The old contrabass recently advertised by Charles Fail Music in Georgia arrived last night. It is a loop style Leblanc that goes down to D. The instrument has the number 408 stamped on it just above where the two sections of the main body connect. Is this the serial number or just the model number? I can't find any other numbers on the body -- where should I be looking.

FYI $1700 including an absolutely brand new Leblanc case. Plus $40 for shipping.

The horn looks good and plays well throughout the low and high registers. I have only been able to get one upper register note and, to be honest, i am squeaking when I jump into the upper register. Having a contra-alto has not fully prepared me.

Next question: what should be the highest note in the lower register. On a soprano clarinet, you go from Bb (thumb and forefinger of left hand) to B natural by pressing a key with the side of your right forefinger, and then lean on the next key up to get a muzzy sounding C. Nothing seems to correspond to those keys. Has anyone found a substitute. (I have figured out that I can go down to A in the upper register.) So gang: any suggestions?

Finally, It came with an ancient Leblanc mouthpiece. Fail & Co also recorked my old selmar C contraAlto Mouthpiece, and I find that I much prefer playing with that one. (Hite suggests this on his web site.) So far, I am liking a number 2 reed and can barely get anything out of a numbe 3. I can barely tell the difference between a #2 and #3 reed when i am using the same model mouthpiece on my contraAlto. Any thoughts?

Jim Lande

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