Vol. 4, No. 26

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Contrabass-list Tue, 4 Nov 1997 Volume 1 : Number 26

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Date: Tue, 04 Nov 1997 00:33:46 GMT
From: ddorff@presser.com (Daniel Dorff)
Subject: Re: contrabass-list V1 #25

On Mon, 3 Nov 1997 15:55:05 +0000, you wrote:

>>Actually there are a few other amplified contra-bassoonissts:
>>John Steinmetz in California (jazz solo guy)

Does anyone have John's e-mail or s-mail address? I'd like to tell him about my "In A Deep Funk" for solo cbn.


Daniel Dorff
Composer-in-residence, Haddonfield Symphony


Date: Mon, 03 Nov 1997 22:53:35 -0500
From: ROBERT HOWE <arehow@vgernet.net>
Subject: Re: contrabass-list V1 #24

I have an ORSI catalog from 1993, they custom made me a leadpipe to my antique Orsi contrabasse ad anchia in 1994, I have a soprano Sarrusophone of theirs from 1993ish. I am told that in 1996 they farmed all of their student stuff to the Chinese/Taiwanese makers and now do only wierd, one of a kind stuff, like Sarrusophones to order.

I am not impressed by the quality of their recent work.

Robert Howe

Contrabass-L wrote:

..... Since LA Sax is conecting with Orsi on making straight sopranino, bass and
> contrabass saxes, does that mean Orsi is still around making other
> instruments like sarrusophones?

Date: Mon, 03 Nov 1997 23:08:58 -0500
From: ROBERT HOWE <arehow@vgernet.net>
Subject: Re: contrabass-list V1 #25

Contrabass-L wrote:

> I had an early Orsi instrument that I thought was pretty crappy, in
> terms of construction and playability. The best thing about it was the
> engraving on the bell. Has the quality improved any, or are we just
> going to have some strange large instruments with little regard for
> craftsmanship?

> steven

> Yes, Orse still makes sarrusophones. A friend of mine, Bill Fetcher, of
> Steamboat Steams, CO, worked on a new Orsi soprano sarrusophone within
> the last few years. As I recall, Bill was not very impressed with the
> quality of the instrument....... If I remember
> right, Robert has (or had) a soprano sarrusophone made recently by ORSI.

THe last two of these--I think--discuss the same instrument, a sop sarrus I bought from a fellow in Vermont. THe horn is gorgeous but the bocal is too damn short, so the upper hand is in C and the lower in Bb. WIth a modified English horn bocal it plays pretty well at A440 as a Bb instrument. It is possible that the previous owner messed up or lost the bocal and substituted one meant for oboe d'amore, as the "sarrusophone" bocal plays nicely on both my d'amores.

RObert Howe

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