Vol. 4, No. 16

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Contrabass-list Wed, 22 Oct 1997 Volume 1 : Number 16

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Date: Tue, 21 Oct 1997 16:38:04 -0700
From: dnmagic@juno.com (David A Neubauer)
Subject: Cleaning (follow-up)

>>I've always wondered about cleaning the keys on my bassoon, and finally came to the conclusion it was not a priority. I checked out the bassoonists (with binoculars) in professional orchestras, and got the impression that some cleaned, some did not, and some had replating jobs done every few years.<<

>>By contrast flute players were all very fussy about shiny instruments, while brass players were all over the lot, with most sporting a moderate patina like a two-day growth of beard, some nearly turning green, but a few looking like the player had a staff of sailors fresh off deck duty waiting in the wings to rub his brass.<<

>>Jim Katz jimkatz@johnabbott.qc.ca<<

CLEANING follow-up:

Anyone else? So far we have the polishing cloth from the music stores (from Grant), and either do or don't even bother (from Jim Katz). Would like to have my contra nice a clean without harming it. I am very open to suggestions and tips. THANKS!

Date: Tue, 21 Oct 1997 21:48:18 -0700 (PDT)
From: bj914@scn.org (John Micheal Bush)
Subject: Private teaching

I am a high school student in Seattle WA curious if any subscribers happen to know of any good saxophone teachers in my city. I have studied the saxophone for seven years, and took private lessons for the past two. Unfortunately, my teacher passed away this summer (he was a good friend to all of his students, and is missed a great deal). I am hoping soemone would know of a good teacher who would be willing to take me on for a year or so, until I go on to college (beyond that, who knows).

Thank you.

John Bush


Imperial Space Cowboy, Aspiring Beatnik, and high school level musician.
btw, looking for a moderately priced sarrusophone.
Check out my jazz/funk/blues combo sometime!

Date: Tue, 21 Oct 1997 22:23:42 -0700
From: brian wolfe <bw@bc.sympatico.ca>
Subject: Re: contrabass-list V1 #14

Please remove me from your mailing list as the previous owner of this Email address probably subscibed. Thanks for your cooperation.


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